Hispanic Heritage Appreciating The Best of Both

My Hispanic Heritage Story: How parents with opposite traits inspired me

Hispanic Heritage is also about those of us who are acculturated.

If you look up “opposites” in the dictionary, you may see a picture of my parents, Rudy and Lucille. They’re genuinely good people who raised me to respect others, value family and love God. However, when it comes to everything else, they’re night and day.

My Daily Inspiration

My mother is a very talented, caring and strong woman, but perhaps her greatest strength is her level of acceptance. She accepts people for who they are and doesn’t try to change anyone. She shares her opinions but never forces them on others.



Hispanic Heritage Susie’s parents Rudy and Lucille Quintana


My mother has always been supportive, even in the face of some of the bad decisions I’ve occasionally made. While other parents may turn their backs on, stop communicating with or even disown their children when they don’t agree with their decisions or lifestyles, my mother has continuously remained supportive of her children. This acceptance of people, circumstances and life in general is an inspiration to me on a daily basis, and it has given me the confidence and freedom to pursue my desires, knowing that—no matter the outcome—my mother will always have my back.

Honest Conversations

My father is a wise, reserved and dedicated family man, and he’s a true man of his word. If he says he’ s going to do something, consider it done. I regularly seek his advice because I know I’m going to get straight talk and nothing else.

This is one of the traits I most admire in him. He’s not afraid to be honest even if he knows it may cause hurt feelings. He values being honest much more than being popular, although he’s respectful when he speaks. As a result, I’m ready for the truth and nothing but the truth when I come to him for advice. Although there have been times when I haven’t agreed with or liked what he’s said, I always knew he had my best interests in mind.