Hispanic News Sources Suggest Hispanic Teachers are a Dwindling Faction



The increasing Hispanic population in the United States has spawned the creation of government programs and advocacy groups meant to encourage the development of this incredibly diverse culture. Many Hispanic news sources note, however, a portion of this demographic is being left behind. Hispanic children who attend American schools are being left in the lurch during a crucial transitional period.

Children of any cultural background need to be nurtured and given role models to admire – role models who they can relate to. Some of the best heroes for young children are their teachers, but unfortunately Hispanic students are having a tough time finding teachers they can relate to. Recent Hispanic news reports indicate that Hispanic students outnumber Hispanic teachers by a ratio of 3 to 1. With such a small proportion of teachers to students, it may be difficult for young Hispanic children to find role models outside of their family members.

Early education, in the form of physical classrooms and educational television programs, attempts to encourage cohesiveness in current generations. Integrating the Spanish language into many shows, offering Spanish versions of popular books and movies, and teaching basic Spanish to children are all great ways to include aspects of Hispanic culture in learning. The lack of Hispanic teachers, however, stands in the way of progress.

Without adequate teachers to assist children with learn Spanish and simultaneously pose as role models for young Hispanic students, the desirable features of Hispanic culture will be lost in the shuffle, and upcoming generations will be forced to forget the most integral characteristics that provide an incredible and unique identity to Hispanics worldwide.

To follow Hispanic news stories to which you can relate, it’s important that you find a news source that understands the unique concerns of this incredibly diverse sub-culture. Latin Business Today provides Hispanics around the world with important news stories…we report on issues that are important in your community, important to your family, and important for your business. Issues like the diminished ratio of Hispanic teachers are international concerns, and are applicable to Hispanics in every city. Other issues are equally as important but occur on smaller scales; Latin Business Today has its finger on the pulse of Hispanic communities nation- and world-wide. We can provide accurate, important news stories in real time, enabling us to facilitate the knowledge-driven gathering of the Hispanic communities across the globe.


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