How to Generate Social Content When You’re Too Busy

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Here’s a step by step approach to getting it done and reaping the benefits of social content


It seems that everywhere you look there’s a social media guru imploring you to create more content to share on social media. Content is king they say. We should all become our own media companies they say.

While I agree with this – and I believe content is the most powerful lead generation mechanism available today – what most pundits ignore is how busy we all are and how difficult it is to create content on a consistent schedule with limited time and resources.

This isn’t just a problem for small business owners. Large firms have resource issues as well.

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 B2B Content Marketing Survey, creating content is one of the main barriers for firms wanting to implement a content marketing program, with 69% of those surveyed citing lack of time, and 55% said producing enough content as their biggest barriers.

Content Drives the Social Web

The problem is, lack of time and resources is not going to cut it in today’s environment. Content is what drives today’s social web. The more content you produce, the luckier you get.

In another study by internet marketing tools firm Hubspot, it was shown that the more you blog the more leads you generate:

  • Companies that increase blogging from 3-5X/month to 6-8X/month almost double their leads
  • B2B companies that blog only 1-2X/month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t blog

It’s pretty clear: creating more content brings you more business.

So how do you bridge the gap between the time and resources you have available to create more content, and the need to create high-quality content on a frequent and consistent basis over the long-term?

Here are two ideas:

The Content Cascade

This concept was described by Conversion Scientist Brian Massey in his book “Your Customer Creation Equation.

If you have long-form content that already exists in your firm, break up that content into smaller pieces and formats to share on social media and publish on your blog.

If your firm has a standard corporate PowerPoint deck for use by your sales people, or you produce webinars on a fairly consistent basis, the content cascade might work for you.

Many B2B firms hold frequent to generate leads or to educate prospects that are already in the sales process. The problem with webinars, however, is that attendance averages about 100, and after the webinar is over that’s it. The material you used for your webinars are hidden away forever, never to generate another lead again.

Here are five how you can extend the life of your webinar and save time producing content at the same time:

1.  Transcribe Your Webinar Audio

Next time you hold a webinar, record it and send the recording to a transcription service. There are low-cost services that will do this for about $1 a minute. TranscribeMe is one service that comes to mind. They will produce a written transcription of your audio you can repurpose for any content need.

2.  Produce Two or Three Blog Posts

For a typical 60 minute webinar, you probably have enough material for two or three blog posts. Take the transcript, break it up into your presentation’s logical components, edit it for clarity and flow, and you can produce two or three articles for your blog that will generate leads for you beyond the day of the webinar.

3.  Write a Report or eBook

The best way to turn your website visitors into leads is to offer some kind of premium content, such as a free report or eBook that your visitors can download in exchange for their email address. The material from your webinar can serve as the basis for that report. As you would for the blog posts I described above, edit it for clarity and flow, add some graphics, format it for easy reading and scanning, and turn it into a PDF document.




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