Keeping It All Together On Moving Day

Four moving recommendations to maintain sanity


As I prepare and plan for a big moving day coming up,

I have been forced to clean out files, empty out drawers, and purge boxes filled with 25 years of living.

The treasures are many and the stories they carry are real.  While in my “organization zone” I have found myself spending hours traveling back in time.

Pictures really do tell stories and can evoke emotions one thought were deeply buried and long forgotten.

As I collect boxes, tape, and all-things moving, I have also located items I thought were lost forever.

Take for example a 1934, $500.00 U.S currency bill.

Yes, this is one of those things I managed to locate while in my banking days and saved it so well, I lost its location for about 10 years!

Despite the fact that I have moved 10+ times over the last 40 years or so, I always manage to learn things along the way.

Here are my four moving recommendations:

1.        Be an Early Riser

As unpleasant as packing and moving may seem, we all must do it sooner or later.

I say start early and seal up those boxes!

Spot-check your home for things you know you will not be needing in the present.  I recently took 12 large boxes filled with Christmas items and was able to reduce them to 6 boxes.

Going from room to room works and “getting real” with your “stuff” is very important.

Even waking up in the morning as little as 15 minutes ahead with a project in mind, can make a huge difference in a sense of accomplishment and moving forward.

2.        Label Queen

I can’t emphasis enough the value in labeling everything.

I mean, details like quantity, color, and where something is going to go after the move can really help the process.  Storing things that are already packed in an empty space like a garage corner can really keep things in order and out of your way.

The idea is to identify what you have, what you need, and be able to find it again later with relative ease.

Next- Garbage Day and Get excited!