Latin American Education Is Struggling, Israel May Have the Answer



Lesson 3: Open your mind, and your borders, to new ideas

To ensure that the country stays on the cutting edge of technology, Israel proactively fosters technological exchange with other countries. Agreements with emerging market giants such as China and India are aimed at focusing joint efforts on developing new technologies and innovations.

Latin America, with a long history of high trade barriers for technological goods, is missing out on many potential opportunities in this arena.

Greater technological exchange will help foster the region’s educational development and contribute to the next wave of great ideas.

Lesson 4: Create edupreneurship clusters to support educational innovation

Israel’s edupreneurship community works within clusters — uniting representatives from government, academia, corporations and students to develop the next global-scale idea.

This is one area where Latin America is catching up. The Lab for Innovation in Learning Experiences (LINNEA), a partnership between Cengage Learning and the University of Chihuahua, has already begun attracting fresh talent.

In fact, Mindcet27, an Israeli accelerator of edupreneurs, has looked to Latin America to promote educational innovation, joining LINNEA’s Global Edupreneurship initiative in partnership with LearnLaunch in Boston to enable innovators to start to make the connections and share the ideas needed to take their products to global markets.

I have little doubt that Latin America has much more to absorb from Israel and other innovative societies around the world. It is taking steps, slowly but surely, towards joining those ranks.

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