Latin Biz Today Partners with GUSTO for Mi Cocina Criolla

A Historic Conversation with Puerto Rican Culinary Stars – Supporting Women’s Services on the Island.

GUSTO joins forces with James Beard Fellows Advisor and Puerto Rican Chef Monti Carlo, who co-produces and hosts Mi Cocina Criolla – a three-part virtual series with a powerhouse lineup of notable Puerto Ricans on the island and in the diaspora.

“Have you ever had a “pinch me” moment? That’s what it felt like to host and co-produce GUSTO’s Mi Cocina Criolla. I’ll never forget staring at a screen full of the people I admire most in the culinary world gathered together to raise awareness for Puerto Rican cuisine and raise money for our island’s women.” –Monti Carlo

Mi Cocina Criolla is a historic conversation with award-winning chefs:

  • Chef Giovanna Huyke, the Julia Child of Puerto Rican cuisine.
  • Chef Maria Mercedes Grubb, the first woman on the island to receive a James Beard Nomination.
  • Chef Mario Pagan, one of the island’s most acclaimed restaurateurs.
  • Von Diaz, a Food Writer, and Professor that authored the New York Times piece Essential Puerto Rican Recipes.
  • Chef Wilo Benet, one of Puerto Rico’s Master Chefs and an acclaimed restaurateur.

“Latin Biz Today is proud to collaborate with Monti Carlo and GUSTO to spotlight Puerto Rico’s culinary richness, past, present, and future, its chefs, and their quest to support women’s services on the island.” –Tina Trevino, Latin Biz Today partner & community relations director.

Adds Monti, “We’ll also be taking an even closer look at our chefs in the new Latin Biz Today food column in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to dig deeper into their histories and share their favorite recipes!”

It’s exciting to have a Latinx events series like GUSTO bring all of these voices together to examine Puerto Rican cuisine’s past, present, and future. The sweetest thing of all is knowing that ticket sales benefit women in Puerto Rico through Taller Salud. 

DATE: Wednesday, September 15, 2021

TIME: 7 PM ET4 PM PST TICKETS$10 tickets (for the three-part series) can be purchased at the link here. 100% of ticket sales support Taller Salud.



GUSTO, a Philadelphia-based team, presents unique events celebrating the city’s vast Latinx culinary community, spotlighting delicious cuisine types of Latin America and the Caribbean. GUSTO was born as an effort to contribute to projects addressing the long-term needs of Puerto Rico as a result of the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria and the 2020 earthquakes. It supports creative and grassroots organizations on the front line working to empower communities to rebuild the island – with a focus on self-determination and sustainability. GUSTO is a collaborative initiative by Philadelphian Boricuas, Amy Rivera Nassar of Amy’s Pastelillos and Marángeli Mejia-Rabell of AFROTAINO.
Instagram: GUSTO Philly
Facebook: GUSTOPhilly
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Monti Carlo is a Puerto Rican food TV personality, food writer, and special events chef. The host of Food Network’s “Help My Yelp” has also helmed Tastemade’s “Make This Tonight,” PBS’s “Nutritious Bites,” FYI’s “Make My Food Famous, and Gordon Ramsay’s digital series “Ramsay Redemption.” Named one of 2021’s Women Culinarians You Should Know by The Spruce Eats, Monti is also honored to be an advisor for the James Beard Fellows Program. 
Facebook: TheMontiCarlo
Twitter: themonticarlo



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