Michelle Martinez Reyes CMO Talks Leadership [Video]

Four leadership best practices for small Business owners.

Editors note: This is  part 3 of  a multi-part video series. Part 1  highlighted Diversity business  benefits.     Part 2: Michelle Martinez Reyes CMO Talks Challenges Of A Work, Life, Culture Balancing Act [Video]

Latin Biz Today’s Tina Trevino Talk Leadership with Greenspoon Marder CMO Michelle Martinez Reyes

I asked her about what she feels are her list of top leadership skills .

Her key leadership takeaways are:

1. Emotional intelligence

2. Thinking on the fly

3. Dealing  with challenges  at a moments notice

4. Staying calm in the face of adversity

In Michelle’s relatively short time at Greenspoon Marder from 2016 to today , she has quickly ramped up the company’s staff and national office locations giving it a national brand presence outside of its original Florida location and bringing a 40% revenue increase to the company in that short period of time.

She shares with us that the company’s 30 year old roots and values have stayed intact, but the company has been infused with a V2.0 update for the millennium, and she already has her eyes on what it will take to give it a V3.0 update as the business evolves.

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