My Journey and Approach to Celebrating Cinco de Mayo—[video]





My college cultural expenience

Once I made my way to college, being Mexican American did not have the stigma that I had previously attached to it.

College was filled with every kind of ethnicity I could imagine. I blended right in with everyone.

As I’ve grown older and learned that blending in is not necessarily a desired goal—that it does pay to stand out in a crowd, I’ve absolutely embraced my heritage.

I like the strong Mexican American woman I’ve become who likes to share the same traditions that her parents passed on to her. I’ve also  become exposed to so many more people, experiences, cultures—I’ve grown comfortable in my own darker toned Mexican American skin you could say.

I have absolutely embraced my own background and love everything that comes with it.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo also reminds us that our heritage is filled with some of the most iconic events and objects like the Battle of Puebla or Remember The Alamo—highly celebrated holidays like El Dia de Los Muertos and Cinco de Mayo— fashion like sombreros, huaraches, the Puebla dress, serapes—flavors like chiles, tortillas, carnitas, molé—music like mariachis and Tejano —decorations like piñatas and papel picados—the list goes on and on of the many things that have become so mainstream to American culture that we sometimes forget the origins.


Mexican Folklorico  

Traditional Ballet Folklorico dress at NYBG event

So in the spirit of the day, and with the pride of my Mexican culture, my Cinco de Mayo holiday this year will include sporting a traditional Puebla dress for my festivities on Friday after work. If you want to see how you can rock some traditional Mexican fashion, check in with me on Latin Business Today’s Facebook or Instagram page.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo y Viva Mexico!!!

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