Small Business Energy- Breaking The Barrier

Why small business energy-efficient building technologies and a $8.88 LED light bulb matter to you

Because energy consumption is only continuing to rise ‘resulting in high utility bills and an increase in toxic emissions’ alternative energy sources are gaining renewed attention. Thanks to this, the prices of energy-saving technologies are becoming more affordable and more commonly used.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, residential and commercial buildings account for 40 percent of total U.S. energy consumption. In terms of just electricity consumption, buildings account for 65 percent of total U.S. usage. The annual cost for energy in commercial buildings is over $100 billion, and it’s estimated that a third of that cost, or $33 billion, is tied to less efficient energy technologies and practices. That money can be captured by investing in proven energy-efficient technologies.

There are also health benefits created by using electricity more efficiently. Electricity generation is the single largest U.S. source of greenhouse gas emissions, which is equal to 33 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. And coal-fired power plants are the primary source of mercury air emissions that enters the food chain and is consumed by humans. Increasing your home or business energy efficiency will not only cut your electric bill, but also reduce emissions to the benefit of human health.

Today, the cost barriers for energy-efficient technologies are falling. Rooftop solar systems were once unaffordable. Now their prices have fallen to the point where companies are offering systems with zero down, with low prices compared to current utility prices, and guaranteed fixed prices that offer 20 years of protection against future utility price increases. Another such price barrier was the $10 LED 60-watt equivalent light bulb.  This barrier has since been busted by Walmart’s $8.88 LED 60-watt equivalent light bulb that now makes lighting efficiency affordable for all.

small business energy bulb

For the  small business energy conscience owner a 66% annual return on investment!

Walmart’s $8.88 LED light is estimated to save $5.88 per year in electricity costs compared to an incandescent light. This is a 66% annual return on the $8.88 purchase price of the LED light. If you pay more than 11 cents per kWh for electricity like I do in California then your annual savings might actually be equal to the first year price for this Walmart light!

I did a shop-check of a national-chain competitor to Walmart that also offers everyday low prices. Their lowest price for a 60 watt equivalent LED light was $5 more expensive than the Walmart $8.88 LED light! So buying Walmart’s $8.88 LED light saves $5 compared to buying a similar LED light at a competing store plus Walmart’s light generates an estimated $5.88 per year in energy savings. The small business energy savings combined is more than a $10 first-year savings compared to the initial $8.88 investment.


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