Spanish Beisbol Network, the Sports Industry and Broadcaster Bill Kulik [Video]

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Latín Biz Today’s Sports lead and advisory board member Dave Torromeo chats with Bill Kulik about his rollercoaster Spanish language broadcasting career.

From the “it’s a small world“ files, I met a gentleman through my mother’s new living facility in Mystic, Connecticut, who was telling me about a Spanish radio baseball broadcast he was involved with for the Boston Red Sox. It turns out his son is still doing the broadcast for both the Philadelphia Phillies and the Eagles. I thought it was such a cool thing!

So, I contacted Mr. Bill Kulik and we had a nice conversation and we decided to share that conversation with  the Latin Business Today audience. Bill is a very interesting guy, intelligent and bilingual—he spent his youth in various places and learned Spanish. Obviously he’s a sports guy, so he took his talents to the radio as President of  the Spanish Beisbol Network handling the Spanish language broadcast for the City of Brotherly Love.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed meeting Bill and having this conversation.

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