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Armado Rositas the inventor of “Swimming Buddy” shares his insights and best practices as a Latino entrepreneur


Personal Profile of An Inventor Entrepreneur

Part 1 covered Armando’s family history, background and what motivated him. In part 2 of this two part series LBT talked to Armando about his experience in launching his business and what he can share  as a Latino entrepreneur:

Some men see thing as they are and say, why? I dream things that never were and say, why not? – George Bernard Shaw



Latin entrepreneur Armando Rositas with his grandkids


Armando Rositas is an inventor entrepreneur who values imagination and dreaming big. He tells Latin Business Today that this Shaw quote is one of his favourites because for people like himself, and his friend Jamie Hope, whose career is built on imagination, “we create a dream that never was and bring it to fruition. Instead of questioning what is, we bring things that never were into life. That is the life of an inventor’

On Being A Latino Inventor Entrepreneur

Latin Business Today recently profiled Latin inventor-entrepreneur and Swimming Buddy CEO/President Armando Rositas to learn more about his background and his approach to building his business. In part 1 we profiled Amrando’s background and current business. In Part 2 Armando shares his thoughts on the advantages of being a Latino business leader.

LBT: How has being a Latino businessman influenced your career?

AR: I am very proud of my heritage and who I am. Latino’s are the most hardworking people I know. Like I said, when we were not at school, we were in the fields. Being a Latino in business has influenced my career because I feel it is important we show others that they don’t have to work in the fields or do hard manual labor. I feel it is important for me to set an example that if you put your hard work ethic to use, even if you didn’t go to college, you can still achieve great things. Although I think college is important and if given the opportunity Latino’s should go, there are many successful minorities that didn’t get a chance to go to college. They still made it and so can you

LBT: Are you are active in Latino organizations?

AR: Yes. I am involved in the Latino Chamber of Commerce and I do try to help people out on an individual basis. It is important to be active in our communities. There is so much for younger kids to get into these days, drugs, gangs, violence etc. they need to know there are other better things in life. They need to learn how to dream and to make those dreams a reality. If not they will fail for a lack of vision.

LBT: Who would you say were/are your best mentor(s)?

AR: Definitely, my parents. They didn’t just tell us what to do, they showed us what to do. They instilled so many wonderful values and morals, such as working hard, being honest, giving everything our best effort.

My siblings are also successful and that is a testament to our parent’s direct involvement in our lives. They always told us how proud they were of us and gave us love. These are the most important things parents can do for their children.

LBT: Do you mentor other Latinos?

AR: I will mentor anyone that I feel needs direction and guidance. Kids being raised today, it’s different then when we were kids. The breakdown of the family has led to many children falling in the cracks and many times drugs and gangs are there to fill the void. My heart breaks when I see someone drifting with no direction, guidance or love. We all need to make a better effort to ensure these kids find the better alternatives in life.






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