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Communications Lessons from the Broadcasters

Speaking with punctuation and getting your audience to care has three key considerations.   There’s a fascinating article that was written by Andrew Jacobs years ago for the New York Times entitled, “Novice Newscasters Get Voice Therapy.”…

The Body Speaks Before the Mouth Opens

The fact is, how you present yourself visually will affect your audience and their ability to really “hear” you. So, go ahead and take a look in that mirror...and SEE what you’re saying when you’re VERBALLY not saying anything at all. 

5 Ways to Give a Great Speech

A great speech requires connection and a takeaway to be remembered. Let’s face it. For some, public speaking comes natural and for others it is their Achilles Heel. I’m probably somewhere in the middle, which is why I am

Channel Your Inner JFK

President Kennedy’s call-to-action speeches inspired, persuaded, and provoked change. Most successful politicians find themselves in the position they are in due to their ability to masterfully deliver a message and persuade