Future of Work: Employee Development & Technology- Part 1 [Video]

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Latin Biz Today Partner Teany Hidalgo interviews Steven Hunt, Organization Psychologist, Chief Expert at SAP

Editor’s note: This is a three part Latin Biz Today series interviewing Steven Hunt, Organization Psychologist, Chief Expert at SAP and Author of the best selling book “Talent Tectonics“.  We dive deep into employee development, what’s really behind employee attrition, how to be a talent magnet and more.

Part 1: Employee Development and Use of Technology

In this first segment of our three-part video interview series on the Future of Work, we dive into the evolving landscape of employee development and the important role of technology from the point of view of organizational psychology. This exploration begins with a discussion on the distinct factors influencing employee growth in small versus large businesses, followed by an examination of how technology has leveled the playing field for smaller enterprises. We also understand the relative importance of technology access against the establishment of a robust on-site learning culture. Culminating with strategic insights, this interview seeks to unravel how companies can foster a workplace culture that nurtures learning and employee satisfaction, aligned with the rapid pace of technological advancement and organizational objectives.
Join us as we unravel the complexities and opportunities that define the future of work.


  • Intro Meet Steven Hunt
  • What future of work factors affect employee development in small versus large businesses?
  • How has technology removed barriers to development facing small companies?
  • What do you think is more important in terms of accessing technology versus creating that culture of learning on-site?
  • What is the strategy as you’re moving over time to allow culture to fruition and for people to learn and feel happy in their environment while going at the speed of technology and what the company is doing?

Enjoy the video!

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