The Beauty and Power of Women’s Networking Groups

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Latina writer and inspirational coach guides women to pursue dreams.

The power of networking for women has shifted. Women are creating their clubs and it is not only an Old Boys Club anymore. Women have learned to evolve with the times to either create their group or find one to be a part of instead.

For instance, take What Women Want Networking with founder TV personality Judy Goss. She created a space for women to come together where there was room for all. They have now started to include men in their chapters.

What Women Want Networking created a community and so did Covey Club with founder media entrepreneur Lesley Jane Seymore. Both groups have opened a platform that allows women to come together to learn from one another.

Now more than ever women are networking to create their inner circles. Why not surround yourself with others that inspire you to be more?

Beneficial Perks

What is the benefit? You get to develop professional relationships, friendships, become a mentor, and find a mentor if needed. As women, we look to find others that can push us to become better at what we do.

That might mean polishing up your current career or finding a new one. Gone are the days of women being part of the mean girls club in these professional organizations. Instead, they get to find support from other women with their endeavors. Having the opportunity to attend virtual and live events makes it easier to network.

Networking allows women to connect with others faster. It is supportive and essential on the path toward success. This in turn fosters growth on each part of the journey.

No one should feel threatened by someone else’s success. When you have an opportunity to connect with like-minded women it allows you to find a mentor and to be mentored. Imagine being in midlife and not knowing what to do next. During this phase in life, some women are looking at reinventing themselves.

Connections Help You Do What Comes Next

Taking the steps to do something new can feel intimidating. However, when you find others that have done the same it gives a woman hope. The kind of hope that lets her dream of what she wants to do next in life.

These connections take place all the time in your community. You can start there and build fruitful relationships and you can also expand to bigger networks. It is a great feeling when you get the opportunity to network globally. That is the power of networking today. The digital platforms readily available allow anyone a chance to connect.

Think about what it can do for you right now. If you had the chance to explore this, would you be willing to? Think of things that would benefit you where you are now. Also, why would someone connect with you? You can look at it as a partnership.

Inner Circles Start at the Table

Nowadays women no longer want to be sitting on the sidelines. They want to sit at the table and if that appears full, they make a new table. They have gone from being still to sharing what sparks their passion.

I am glad that I have immersed myself in the benefits of networking over the years. Some of the best friendships and relationships have blossomed because of it. I remember being nominated for one such group called Lightbeamers with founder April Adams Pertuis. Had it not been for a dear friend doing this, I may not have heard of it.

This is where your inner circles develop. You find it through a friend, a peer, or an acquaintance. One of the best things you can do is to attend an event or a class to see what they are all about. This way you can see the kind of women that make it up and decide if it is right for you.

There is always something to learn when you put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and dig deeper. Usually, there will be someone else with the same question or they have found a solution for a common pain point.

Be Confident in Starting the Process

Even introverts are stepping out of their comfort zones. There is room for anyone that wants to gain knowledge from someone else who has been there. The struggles that you face in your career and business end up being shared with others that could help.

Networking regularly builds up your confidence. Starting the process does not have to feel difficult. Imagine getting together with other professionals that share similar goals. What you might see as difficult might seem easier to someone else.

Being open to the benefits of creating new connections will get you going. Ask yourself if you want to be a spectator or the one that takes the actionable step. It all starts with wanting something more. I can tell you that taking the steps will guide you to making meaningful friendships where everybody wins.

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