The Need For More Latina Women On Top

We have a lot of glass shattering yet to do.

Well. She finally did it. Again.
Hillary Clinton announced she is running for President in 2016. As a woman, I am thrilled of course. I join the sea of women who would love to see a female President. Lady Commander-In-Chief. That has a ring to it. But let’s be honest, it’s not a Hillary thing as much as it is a “shattering the glass ceiling thing”, now that’s the real treat, all politics aside.
Sure, we have seen great women leaders on “top” so to speak as Presidents or Prime Ministers in other countries, as Fortune 500 CEOs, but we still need much work here in the U.S. especially for Latinas.
As a leader in various fields, one thing I have seen, have grown accustomed to and quite frankly am tired of is that, it’s a man’s world. While I feel there is room for both men and women at the table, women usually don’t get invited to the dinner party as we have been reminded by Sheryl Sandberg in her book Lean In.   Thankfully while not as often as we’d like, strong women find their way to the top anyway, it just takes too long to get there. And here’s where you might be able to help.
If there are talented, committed, qualified Latina women in your company, give them an opportunity to shine. Latinas more often than not get overlooked too many times to count.  While I am grateful that there are even lists of powerful women in business (or any field) and I know the journey might not have been easy considering Latinas have to deal with so much cultural baggage on the personal front related to being working woman, I say again, we need more Latina women on those lists. The Latinas I’ve seen that have actually made it to the top of a company happened to be its founder.
Having a Latina leading the charge at your business doesn’t seem like a bad business move either. Latinos in general are known for inclusive, people-oriented, socially responsible, and life-affirming leadership as documented in Juana Bordas 2013 book entitled The Power of Latino Leadership: Culture, Inclusion and Contribution. But let me share some other reasons:
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