The Power & Wisdom of Anger, Why It’s Important

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Self-mastery happens when we are in close connection with ourselves

The practice of taking 1 minute for self-reflection is a powerful tool to increase our daily awareness and experience life with greater consciousness. It is a deliberate journey towards human evolution in consciousness that requires intention, commitment, courage, and energy. This practice is timeless and applicable to modern life, as it helps us become our better selves regardless of our past wounds. In fact, it can help us grow because of them. The goal is to make this practice a habit and a new, loving way of living life.

Anger is the fire that Ignites Action

The fire that #anger ignites in us is a powerful element that moves us to action. Anger has gotten a bad rap mainly because we do not get emotional education to help us use the information this potent emotion brings to us in healthy ways that can empower us instead of making us feel ashamed. Also, it is easier to control the masses if we are conditioned to see it as an opposing force that must be suppressed.

In this article, I will share information and content to help you consciously and responsibly navigate anger. I invite you to ask yourself: What is going on within me when I experience anger? What programs do I carry in my subconscious about it, and how can I learn to handle anger consciously and lovingly?

There is power and #wisdom in anger. When our actions are fueled by conscious outrage that we have learned to channel, we tap into our inner divine force to set boundaries or protect something valuable and essential. There is nothing wrong about it. What is vital is that we develop the capacity to channel the energy of anger in ways that allow us to stand for what is important to us without harming others.

The Chemicals in Anger

Anger triggers hormones like adrenaline, giving us the energy to act vigorously. When we practice daily to channel this energy by bringing #awareness to how our anger is expressed, we become the alchemists of this powerful fire, which, contrary to popular belief, does not mean suppressing but using it in conscious ways.

The Wisdom of Anger

I have learned that we are mostly in our #minds because that is how we are conditioned when our inner power is in our heart center. Dr. Joe Dispenza is doing an impressive job in changing perceptions about living from the heart, and he says: The #heart is where we practice feeling elevated emotions – such as Love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, trust, care, kindness, and inspiration.

I have used Dr. Dispenza’s teachings about tuning in with the heart to use anger as a powerful force within me instead of seeing anger as the enemy that brings me shame and guilt and separates me from my inner power. In fact, when I connect with my heart center while experiencing anger and contemplating ways to respond to others’ attacks, unconscious behaviors, or envy, I ask myself: Is this the path of Love? You see, I have come to realize that I cannot keep responding in the same toxic ways because somebody must break the vicious cycle of attack and separation. I love my life, and I love life itself regardless of toxic people’s behaviors, and I will not allow others’ unconsciousness to fill me with their low vibes.

Every day, I wake up giving thanks regardless of what is happening in my life experience or the world because I know that my small acts of consciousness bring light to mine and the collective mind full of erroneous perceptions about handling anger and emotions in general. I want my son to live in a world where he feels safe to be who he is without having to constantly watch his back at work. I want people around him who support him and can help him navigate mistakes with compassion instead of telling him that something is wrong with him because he makes mistakes.

Feeling Confused About How to Handle Anger?

It might sound confusing for those who have been taught that anger is wrong, and that expressing anger is dangerous but have yet to be guided to use its power. However, when we apply ourselves and recognize that the fire of anger helps us lovingly stand for what is sacred to us, we start to reconnect with our inner and wise power, which transcends the myths of using anger as a powerful tool.

Suppose we get curious about new ways to see things instead of closing doors and clashing with this emotion that helps us expand our consciousness to act when it is required and helpful. In that case, we intuitively start to see that anger can be intentional and beneficial in navigating the different parts of our personality that are afraid of it because of subconscious programming.

The Purpose of Anger

Anger has a deeper purpose that we should explore and discover because many fragmented parts start to make sense when we do. You may have noticed that you have a part that goes into lawyer mode, cold and distant, or the people-pleasing part that makes the tone of voice sweeter so that it is not frontal and not rejected or judged. When we become familiar through a self-awareness daily practice, we are better equipped to detect when those parts become active, so we use the wisdom of anger to help us evolve in consciousness instead of taking us to the same habitual pattern that disempowers and disconnects us from our inner wisdom.

When we use anger in a virtuous way, we know what to say, what tone to use, what body language is appropriate, how to say it, and the intensity of our message. Teaching ourselves how to handle anger lovingly is part of our self-mastery process, which begins the day we realize that we are required to break the patterns of using anger from the shadows—as victims who turn anger into a destructive fire.

Tools to Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Anger

Cultivating self-awareness is the most loving practice we can acquire because it helps us dissipate the fog that interferes with our true vision of who we are, why we are here, and others. Our daily practice is the first step to our self-mastery because when we are in close connection with ourselves, we are connected with the wisdom of our heart and thus more prompt to value and take care of ourselves and others; otherwise, we live under the false belief that others are separate from ourselves and therefore we become disconnected, and our capacity to live from our heart’s wisdom gets impaired. It is easier to speak ill or act against those we consider separate from ourselves; this is how we got to where we are as a world. We still believe that anger is to be used to destroy.

I encourage you to share your thoughts about this topic so we can learn from each other’s perspectives and wisdom. If you are curious about it and would like to give it a try, contact me:

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