Time to Think about Fashion in a Post-Pandemic Era

It’s that time of the year again for New Yorkers: NYFW. With most of February 2021 collections being shown as virtual streaming events, the good news is that anyone living anywhere now has immediate access to the most current trends. The not so good news is that those of us who live, sleep and breathe everything about the fashion industry don’t get our regular dose of the frenzy and city vibe of NYFW.

It typically looks something like this: We spend hours curating our week and a half of perfectly planned outfits to stand out like the fashionistas that we know in our minds we are. We are absolutely stimulated and invigorated by attending PR events, after hours events and anything in between, meeting and greeting our fashionista friends and colleagues, New York socialites, designers, stylists, photographers and buyers. We run around, in Ubers and taxis, from show to show with mobile passes and names guest listed on VIP lists to experience that  bi-annual controlled chaos that engulfs the city during fashion week. I miss it a lot and yet I’m also a bit happy and relieved to sit at home in my clogs streaming the shows. I haven’t yet decided exactly where I feel the right blend of my future NYFW experiences will lie.

Also, as opposed to fashion week typically running from 7 to 9 days, many of the shows have been spread out through the whole month of February and some will also run through March. I like this shift of fashion newness being revealed throughout a longer period of time.

Now that we’ve just about completed the February shows, there are a lot of “big idea” concepts to key in on. The looks are truly a sign of the pandemic times we’re living in, but that doesn’t mean they’re all sedate. Many of us are dreaming about those stylish times we used to live in a year ago, prior to COVID-19. The phrase “trend” is also a bit of a looser term these days as we all have the option to dress exactly how we want to in the comfort and privacy of our own homes with no judgment. For many people who don’t have the confidence to wear new looks out in public, this is a great way to think about trying something out of your literal and physical comfort zone.

For some of us, snuggling in a plush, head-to-toe fleece or velour sweatsuit or maybe a cozy, warm sweater outfit feels like the perfect look. For others, it might be tiresome and boring. There’s nothing wrong with deciding to wear stilettos and a sparkly, sexy dress in your own home.

Whatever your version of fashion is, there is something for everyone!

Blanket Dressing

While it’s no big surprise or new trend, as we’ve all been living in leggings, sweatshirts and sweatsuits for months now, the newest casual looks are more of a progressive take on the loungewear look. With the addition of floor-length capes and more coatigans layered on top of sweaters, it’s not your average “as seen on TV” Snuggie look. More elevated and polished, these sophisticated looks can get you through a professional, in-person meeting, but, by peeling off a few layers, you would be just as happy with these stretchy looks sitting in the comfort of your own home in front of a TV streaming the most talked about series on Netflix or Hulu.

Strong Pantsuits

With our first female Vice President making some fashion statements herself, the bold pantsuit has never felt more like the perfect iconic look for a new generation of empowered women. Let’s call it the power suit for doing business in 2021. Jackets are oversized and pants are loose. These suits are made for women to be comfortable while conducting business as usual and can do double duty when dressed up.

Over-the-Top Fantasy Dresses

Raise your hand if you’re suffering from sweatpant fatigue. For those of you looking for a little variety in your daily dressing, here come the dreamy dresses. There are so many over-the-top looks to suit everyone’s desire. From sparkly sequins and embellishment, floaty ethereal looks, edgy ruffles, scarf inspired prints, minimalistic looks, there’s a dress for any occasion even if it’s just being in your own home for an Instagram moment. I do love seeing many of these dresses paired with more comfortable shoes and still looking incredibly chic.

You Need a Sweater Vest

What used to be thought of as an item in your father or grandfather’s closet is now becoming a staple wardrobe item for all the right reasons. Becoming popular in fashionable circles in Fall 2020, the popularity of the vest continues. In this era of weekly weather shifts, vests give us a way to quickly layer on something fashionable, adding immediate warmth. Also, if you’re looking to give a basic t-shirt or blouse that you already own an instant make-over to expand your Zoom above the keyboard look, this is the perfect go to piece. Vests are so versatile, they can even be worn sans an underlayer as a top or, if long enough, with high boots or tights as a dress. Before you wait to wear yours for Fall 2021, start searching for one in a fun spring bright because you’ll be seeing this trend well before the autumn rolls around.

Take your pick of these trends to find your perfect look. Have fun trying new things, but if you’re comfortable with your current look, that’s fine too. Fashion is a great tool for self- expression. It should be an enjoyable and evolving journey and not a chore. As I like to think, big trends get shown twice a year at NYFW, but style is what you choose from those trends.


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