Tina’s Entrepreneurial Journey, European Trip- Paris Fall 2019 [Video]

Join Tina Trevino Day 2 Paris, Latin Biz Today partner, director community relations during her European trip for her fashion line Tocaya.

Editor’s note: This is part 2 in an ongoing series.

Welcome entrepreneurs!

Starting and growing a business takes having a strategy  time, attention and a focus on the details.  Building a brand to  appeal to a target audience is an exploration where gathering information goes beyond borders.

A day-trip to Paris via the Eurostar is not only a success for tracking down some of the most chic fashion trends. It’s also a perfect opportunity to re-stock my depleted stash of some of the tastiest Parisian treats EVER from @darosaparis !

A lot of you know EXACTLY what I’m referring to!! 😋🍫💖👍🏼🇫🇷#chocolate #pimandes#sauternes #candy #treat #sweet #spicy#delicious #style #french #fashion #paris#chroniclesoftina

styledbysoneca Gurrl!! This is the life!! Enjoy!!💕😘 tracy_gold_fashion_tips Looking fab!!!

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