US Senators and Small Businesses

Here’s a look at the current members of the Senate, and what initiatives they have proposed or sponsored that have an impact on business.


John McCain – Repulican
Incumbent since: 1/6/1987
SMB Policies/Laws Passed: Proposed the Lexington Project, a plan to move America toward energy independence by providing incentives to small businesses that explored new technologies.


Barbara Boxer – Democratic
Incumbent Since: 1/5/1993
SMB Policies/ Laws Passed:

    • Introduced legislation that would allocate existing TARP funds to community banks if they agreed to restart the flow of lending to small businesses
    • Established the Working Capital Express program – a new lending strategy that would encourage banks to give more credit to small businesses through the Small Business Administration’s SBA Express program.
    • Introduced S.1754, the Home Office Deduction Simplification Act, which would establish a standard home office deduction option that provides immediate tax relief to millions of home-based small business owners.

Dianne Feinstein –  Democratic
Incumbent Since: 11/10/1992
SMB Policies/ Laws Passed:

    • Active in trying to get the SBA to reform its Disaster Assistance Program, especially in the aftermath of the Gulf Coast hurricanes.
    • Back in 1994, she proposed legislation that was enacted by the Senate to assist SMBs hurt by defense downsizing.


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