Wake Away From Your Dreams With a Purpose Map™

dream purpose map

5 keys to receiving wisdom through your dreams.


Dreams are elusive. And yet they hold magical awareness from our unconscious minds, containing answers to the many questions we are constantly asking. In my coaching practice, clients have shown me over and over again that no one inquiry holds more power than the one that seeks to know their life’s purpose.

Countless instances of the feeling of being lost, the sense of confusion and frustration due to a lack of having a clear sense of purpose show up more than any other quandary. People everywhere are seeking meaningfulness and direction.

What is my life really for? Why am I here? What should I be doing that will make a difference?

These are the subtle and stirring thoughts that fill the waking moments of most clients I work with. Whether you are a professional climbing the corporate ladder or an entrepreneur carving your path, chances are you are on a seemingly never-ending journey to figure out what you came here to do.

Your dreams potentially hold the pieces to a puzzle that will give you what I have coined your Purpose Map™. The Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher Carl Jung said, “Dreams are the guiding words of the soul.” And, “If we meditate on a dream sufficiently long and thoroughly, if we carry it around with us and turn it over and over, something almost always comes of it.”

My psychology background provided me with a context whereby I have always known that my dreams hold messages from my subconscious mind, answers from my “all knowing” innermost intuitive sense.

The problem was that I could never remember my dreams long enough to actually interpret them, no matter how hard I tried. I would place the journal and pen next to my bed like the experts suggest.

The minute I opened my eyes and moved one muscle towards the journal, the dreams were gone in an instant never to be retrieved again. I tried this technique numerous times, failing after one or two attempts and ultimately giving up in deep disappointment.

Then, one rainy night a few weeks ago, I realized that my resolve to understand my next purposeful project had become very powerful and that I needed answers and I needed them NOW. So I decided to give that old technique another try, except that I committed to not giving up no matter how many attempts it took.

The first journal entry

I went to sleep with the intention to dream about my next purposeful project and to remember my dreams. As I reached for my journal upon awakening, as always in the past, the dreams escaped. But this time I wrote in my journal anyway, whatever came to mind.

The second night, the same thing happened. I had lots of dreams and they all vanished the second I reached for my journal. But I wrote something, anything anyway. This happened for 5 nights in a row.

And then on the sixth night I had a dream that laid out what seemed to be a map of a very important life project, and when I reached for my journal I remembered the entire dream in great detail!

I wrote 4 pages about it in my journal. I was given exact details – names, places, times, dates, etc. This project will be the biggest project of my life and I have now had 6 dreams that are revealing its entire nature. I have never been so excited about any project in my whole life and am now calling it the “big kahuna” of my life’s purposes.

Dreams can give you insight into many of the struggling inquiries you may be experiencing including career changes, business decisions, health issues, romantic adventures, financial stresses, and family relationships.

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