Who Facilitates the Deals for Celebrities & Sports Stars?  

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Multifaceted business agreements require in depth knowledge of law, negotiation and the business opportunity at hand.

The alarm goes off at 5:45 and he heads to the gym.  Calls start at 7:30. One of the smartest guys I have ever met doesn’t cheat the game of life or the practice of law. Olenick states that, “the practice of law is a way of life, and it is a 24/7 job for people that have a high-stakes practice.  I get retained to solve problems and execute.”

Steve Olenick

Steve Olenick

For someone with movie star looks and always dresses for success, Steve Olenick epitomizes what a deal lawyer looks like – powerful presence, strong communicator, aggressive and has a client list that would just win championships.  He is the Chair of the Sports and Entertainment practice at Mintz Levin.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve to learn more about the practice of law, his lifestyle and what’s in store for the future. Sports, media, and entertainment seems like a practice area that continually evolves as law firms seem to be creating or investing into this practice area.

What do you currently see and what do you think is the future?

  “The practice area is exciting, a lot of firms are building out their practice area deal teams – whether it be through bank representation, private equity firms, or individual talent, the space has an upward trajectory and will continually grow. It is safe to say that much like valuable piece of art, a sports team has scarcity value.”  “The unique value proposition of this practice area is that it touches all facets of a full-service law firm, and the future looks bright, as sports, media and entertainment opportunities will be sought domestically and internationally.”

It seems like you are always working and are really dedicated to your craft, how do you manage client expectations? 

“Aside from loving what I do, you always have to put yourself in the client’s shoes but manage expectations – we are in a service business and have to be mindful of that.”

I have noticed that as we talk, your phone has consistently been going off, but you don’t become distracted, why? 

“You must be in the moment, and you must be present for people.  When I meet prospective clients or people that seek out my services, I only take on engagements where it is authentic relationship and we both can grow together, call it being selective, but would rather turn down opportunities rather than set the engagement up for failure.”

Let’s talk about lifestyle, you seem fit and active.  How do you manage everything being so hands on with clients?

  “I am an early riser, don’t make excuses, and will always allocate time for working out.  I often tell my colleague Ivan Presant who I work closely with, diet and staying active is half the battle – much like playing sports, practice makes perfect, but without the practice, you won’t stand a chance to execute at a high level come game day – the same approach applies to lifestyle.”

I was talking to the president and founder of a company and your name came up, and he was glowing about you, what do you think the future holds?

  “I love what I do, have always been presented with unique opportunities, but the best way to prepare for the future is to stay informed, adapt to changing trends, work with stellar people, and make informed decisions based on goals and values.  Right now, my challenge is to build a platform, brand, and gain greater market share, the rest will take care of itself.”

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