Work, Life Balance, Women Who…”Want it All.”  

The connection between women in the work force, voting, and self-reliance


 It’s not uncommon to hear women talk about “wanting it all”. 

We want babies, families, careers, and world adventure, and it usually happens all at the same time. I personally think that having babies while building a career can be adventure enough, but it’s just not what many women dream about as little girls.

 With just 26% of this generation of women being married today compared to 48% of Baby Boomers or 65% of the members of the Silent Generation, it’s no wonder today’s women MUST think of herself as being independent and self-sufficient. This according to

It still surprises me to think that I was already born when President Lyndon Johnson signed into law The Voting Rights Act in 1965, allowing women to vote.

The reality is that there is a clear connection between the women in the work force, women voting, and self-reliance. The message I received as a young girl is very different than what we share with our daughters today. 

Some of the differences are subtle and some are not.

Here are just three:

1.   “Marry a good man and you’ll be happy and secure”

I clearly recall my mother telling me that as long as I married a good man, my life would be secure and happy. 

As the youngest of 3 girls in a Hispanic home, the message was clear that as long as I married a “good man”, all would go well for my children and me.  The idea that my goal was to find a knight in shining armor was pretty much the message. 

Today, my message to my 14-year old daughter is quite different.  I still want her to find her knight, except now she is taught that her security comes from her self-reliance, preparedness for life, and education.

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