Your Personal Brand – Time for Transformation
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Your Personal Branding will be a BIG part of growing your visibility intentionally.

Everyone has a Personal Brand 

It all begins early in life. People start to label you, your traits, your looks – the smart girl, the shy boy, the cheerleader, the kind kid. The first people who start to define your personal brand are teachers, parents, and friends. As you expand your circle in the real world, your professional colleagues and contacts define your personal brand – go-getter, entitled, smart, problem solver, lazy etc. This starts to define you and becomes your personal brand whether you are aware or not and whether you agree or not.

You can and should take control of your personal brand and narrative. Take the steps to define it yourself, as you see yourself, and how you would like others to perceive you because Personal Branding has become an essential component of career success.

Your personal brand is also a reflection of your expertise, talents, and skills. When developing your personal brand, it’s important to identify your strengths and unique qualities, and use those to differentiate yourself from others in your field.

Personal branding is the process of creating a unique identity for yourself, just like a product or service, that showcases your personality, values, expertise, and skills to your target audience. Your personal brand should accurately represent who you are and what you stand for.

Your Personal Branding will be a BIG part of growing your visibility intentionally.

If you have a job, lost your job, are an entrepreneur, want to be an entrepreneur or advance in your career – you will need a well-defined Personal Brand. This includes creating a clear image of your skills, values, and personality, and communicating this image to others through various channels, such as social media, networking events, and a personal website. Creating your Personal Brand is really for anyone.

In this 4-week course taught by Maria Botta, MBA with a curriculum she developed based on her 13 years working with entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and founders.

Sessions will be live on zoom and recorded for participants.

The course is called, Your Personal Brand – Time for transformation because it challenges what might currently exist as your Personal Brand and makes it better.

Starting at 8:00 pm ET every Wednesday beginning on May 31, 2023, it continues through 4 weeks of in-depth work that will help you uncover and develop your personal brand. During these 90-minute sessions, there will be lectures and coursework from the previous weeks as well as a 20-minute Q&A session during each Class. There is also time for a breakout room to workshop your brand with fellow participants.

Week 1 – May 31, 8:00 PM ET – Defining Yourself / Defining Your Brand

Week 2 – June 7, 8:00 PM ET – Your Personal Brand Online

Week 3 – June 14, 8:00 PM ET – Your Personal Brand IRL

Week 4 – June 21, 8:00 PM ET – Putting it all together – Your Plan


  • SESSION: Leveraging Social Media Channels
  • 30 Minute 1:1 Session with Maria Botta (limited to first 10)

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