15 Technology Trends That Will Help Your Business Grow in 2022
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Understanding what technology brings to our life is a way of “reading the future.” Learning about the opportunities that will help our businesses thrive and the threats they may be facing is imperative.

The global and most comprehensive analysis of the tech trends for 2022 are out. Let’s see what Gartner, Accenture, and Deloitte (three of the largest global consultancy firms) brought to us.

This year’s tech trends may seem quite to 2021’s. But wait, they are not:

1) Digital finance is for everyone: Crypto and central bank backed digital currencies (CBDCs) will help financial inclusion and improve cross-border transactions. Recommended read: The Future of Money by Eswar Prasad

2) Autonomic systems: Automated systems perform independently within a previously set up software, but autonomic systems can navigate highly complex environments due to their ability to modify their own algorithms without external input.

3) EV charging: When GM launched the Volt, it was obvious to them that the need for charging stations was critical to the success of the initiative.  Only Tesla, the world’s most innovative and biggest EV maker, invested in developing a supercharger network.

4) Generative AI: This technology can be used for creating software code, accelerating new drug development or targeted marketing.

5) Quantum computing: This is like the warp speed Captain Kirk used to propel his SS Enterprise through galaxies. Today, titans like Alibaba, Amazon, IBM, Google, Microsoft, JPMorgan and Visa are at the forefront of experimenting with this performance and speed accelerator.

6) Hypeautomation: More AI, more robots, and more machine learning to do things faster and better. This technology helps tremendously by finding, testing, and automating as many processes as possible. According to International Data Corporation, by 2022, nearly 45% of repetitive work tasks will be automated.

7) 5G and Cyber AI: Ensuring faster connections will help in areas such as mobility, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail to increase product sales from $1.2tn to $2tn by 2030. Cyber AI can be a force multiplier which will help not only to neutralize attacks to the networks but will act in advance to prevent them.

8) Cybersecurity mesh: This is a strategy used to secure each device with its own perimeter. Gartner says that this will help reduce the financial impact of individual security incidents by 90%.

9) Cloud computing: The phones, the computers, the software used to deliver goods or control stock. Cloud computing is not just nice to have. It’s needed for businesses to survive and thrive.

10) Brands with superpowers: Brands must navigate a limited space and compete for people’s attention’s span. Content design will be key to break through the clutter. Technologies such as augmented reality, more layers of interface and machine learning will help both brands and consumers to have a more meaningful connection.

11) Care and compassion: These are part of human nature and technology facilitates helping others tremendously. Initiatives to help a friend or support a cause like GoFundMe owe their effectiveness to technology. Self-care, taking care of others and the channels to deliver care will continue to expand beyond the obvious, thanks to technology.

12) Synthetic data: According to Gartner, by 2025 synthetic data will reduce personal customer data collection, avoiding 70% of privacy violations. At the same time, people will continue to be more vigilant about what information businesses can collect about them.

13) Blockchain: This technology is not new. It is a database that is easily manipulated by many users at once, while keeping its information, which is organized in blocks, intact.

14) Neuromining: Organizations will apply more behavioral intelligence and related technologies to improve their relationship with their employees and customers.

15) Better internet for everyone: The launch of low orbit satellites will provide internet in rural and remote areas as a cheaper and more flexible solution. This will add billions of new connected customers and providers to the market, and it will modify the internet in terms of content and culture as we know it.

These trends will be so impactful in our lives that, in fact, they will facilitate waves of changes for humans and organizations in general.

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