An Evening With Multifaceted Judy Goss On “What Women Want” [Video]- Part 2

Judy Goss chats with Latin Biz Today’s Tina Trevino, part two of a three part series on work, life culture.

We continue our conversation with Judy Goss…

An Evening With Multifaceted Judy Goss On What Women Want [Video]- Part 1

Literally at the time of this interview, things were just getting real for Judy as she was finding out her QVC schedule of appearances. In fact, while she was in my showroom and we were preparing for our interview, her phone was buzzing off the hook between family and work as she was struggling to find a way to manage her jam packed schedule and move things around to accommodate work and family and this new gig, but I love how she just took it all in stride (after a few long breaths) and put her phone away so that we could chat.

I enjoyed talking to Judy about her “What Women Want” networking platform and why she thought it was so important to create it. She took so many of her learnings from her days as editor at More magazine and wanted to create a safe place where women could come together, be themselves and elevate other women.

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