An Evening with Multifaceted Judy Goss on “What Women Want” [Video]- Part 1

Judy Goss chats with Latin Biz Today’s Tina Trevino, part one of a three part series on work, life culture.


Judy spends an evening with me in the showroom talking about her early career path, the support of her husband through all of her entrepreneurial choices, her faith through challenging times in her life, and her newfound appreciation of being a Puerto Ricana.

I recently met Judy Goss when I was invited through a friend of a friend to one of her “What Women Want” networking events. This just happened a few weeks prior to our new normal of social distancing and self-quarantining due to the spread of Covid-19.
In this time of uncertainty about the virus, large groups and gatherings have since been cancelled and postponed until we can manage the spread of the virus. Until then, we’ll all be finding new methods to do our networking, but that’s for another article and I was fortunate to be able to attend this event before that all happened.
Judy is a lifestyle TV personality, she’s been a model, a modeling agent booking talent for Ford NY, a magazine editor for More magazine, an author, founder and CEO of What Women Want, and a mom to a formidable pair of twins. She also gets to add to that interesting resume that she is now a host for QVC!! Her hosting gig is a dream realized for her as it’s been on her wish list for a very long time and she’s worked hard to earn it. Judy, you can finally check that one off your list and keep moving along!


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