Being Resilient is Your Superpower [Video]

Susie Levan, author of best selling book, Getting to Forgiveness, shares her thoughts on how we cope during this unprecedented time of economic, health and social uncertainty.  She states “not just now, but always in life, change and uncertainty exist every single second of the day – it lasts forever. It’s how we master the uncertainty through mindfulness & meditation which helps us see things in a different way”.

Her book discusses her near death experience which transformed her life. She admits that after she was able to overcome her PTSD and fears, it changed her life for the better. She says that fear stands for – False Evidence Appearing Real.

Her quote, “we can be bitter or we can be better”, embodies her perspective on why she was dealt her particular experience. She’s taken the tools and resources that she utilized to help her move forward in life and is sharing them with others to help them have more meaningful and mindful lives of joy.

All proceeds from her book go towards helping Broward County, FL non-profit organizations.

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