Business Leaders and Their Business’ Legacies

It’s amazing how many companies don’t evaluate “how they are doing”


As a Co-Founder of Latinas of Legacy, one thing we try to help Latinas focus on is how are they leaving a mark on the world. What legacy are they leaving behind?  

Even when you aren’t intentional about it, you are leaving one. It should be a good one. I believe this is a question, business leaders should also consider. Focusing on turning a profit and actually working hard to succeed in your business is important but it’s not the only thing and it is definitely not what will add value to your life.

As a business you must remember that a healthy profit means that a community supports and appreciates the products and services you offer. If you want to maintain that or grow it beyond your imagination, then legacy planning should be on your to-do list.

As a business leader, you knew what you wanted to do, what you needed to get to get your business off the ground. But now what?  Most don’t consider how it will all end?  

Whether you started your business or someone gave you the position to lead it to the next level, legacy should be on your list of priorities. Sometimes all a company needs to build not only brand awareness but customer loyalty is caring. The good news is that won’t come out of your marketing budget yet it will have long term return on investment. Here’s my take on how you can get started on thinking about your business legacy:

You Dreamed Up The Beginning, Now Dream Up The End

Stephen Covey wrote “begin with the end in mind”. You already have a business operating but how do you want others to view your business, how are those referrals going?

Are people talking up what you offer?

What is it that would make you feel like you have accomplished what you set out to do when you established your business?

When you have that figured out, work backwards and develop a list of things that will help you get to that end point.  Zig Ziglar is famous for his reminder that “if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”.

Communicate to Create

Every dream, every new venture, every corporation began because someone communicated a vision. The truth is that there is more non-existent communication in the business world (and other fields) that we would like but you don’t have to be one of those people. Share with your team, your front line managers and if possible, everyone that makes up your business your dream of leaving a mark in your community and if you’re up for it, the world.

People don’t read minds, people don’t usually do things that are not expected of them in the work place. So if you want every service to leave a lasting impression on a client, communicate that. If you want your neighborhood to know the name of your business even when not shopping for what you offer, communicate that. Give them examples of what that looks like and never stop communicating.