CMO Shares Insights on Branding for Entrepreneurs [Video]

Michelle Martinez Reyes, CMO chats with Latin Biz Today’s Tina Trevino about branding.

Editors note: This is  part 4 of  a multi-part video series. Part 1  highlighted Diversity business  benefits.     Part 2: Michelle Martinez Reyes CMO Talks Challenges Of A Work, Life, Culture Balancing Act [Video]  Part 3: Michelle Martinez Reyes CMO Talks Leadership [Video]

Michelle shares the importance of differentiation and taking calculated risks. When crafting a brand it is essential  small business owners  create a specific niche for their  goods or services.  Michelle relates her CMO experiences with business risk, growth and how she  embraces it with marketing programs and tactics.

With Greenspoon Marder’s Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle Martinez Reyes, being selected as a finalist for the CMO Club’s 2019 CMO Awards, we grab a few words with her on her recent business trip to NYC.


In Michelle’s relatively short time at Greenspoon Marder from 2016 to today , she has quickly ramped up the company’s staff and national office locations giving it a national brand presence outside of its original Florida location and bringing a 40% revenue increase to the company in that short period of time.

She shares with us that the company’s 30 year old roots and values have stayed intact, but the company has been infused with a V2.0 update for the millennium, and she already has her eyes on what it will take to give it a V3.0 update as the business evolves.

Winners for the CMO Club’s award will be announced at an awards event in New York City on November 12. The reason Martinez-Reyes is being nominated alone is such an accomplishment. It’s unbelievable what she’s built at Greenspoon Marder in her short time there. We look forward to seeing her back here for an award though!

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