Doing Business In Kenya

Big-city amenities and wild countryside beckon
Photo: Kenya Tourist Board


Along the coast of the Indian Ocean, Kenya is one of Africa’s largest hubs for international business. Its three largest cities – Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu – offer a rare combination of business, tourism and natural beauty.

As Kenya’s capital and largest city, Nairobi is a clear destination for business. Nairobi is known for the juxtaposition of its city center with the giraffes and lions of Nairobi National Park.

The city embraces this contrast with a variety of natural museums and attractions including Nairobi Arboretum  and the Giraffe Center.

It also hosts many conference centers, including Kenyatta International, St. Julian’s Centre, Safari Park Hotel , Zuri Events, Lukenya Getaway, and Utalii Hotel.

Kenya’s second largest city, Mombasa, is another prime destination for business and tourism. The coastal city has many historical sites such as Gedi Ruins, Old Town and the Fort Jesus Museum.

Like Nairobi, Mombasa embraces its natural surroundings with attractions

like Haller Park, Nguuni Nature Sanctuary  and Natural World Safari.

As for business, several of Mombasa’s resorts include large conference centers such as Sarova Whitesands Resort, Club Sun n’ Sand, Mombasa Continental Resort, New Outrigger HotelNyali Beach Hotel, and Reef Hotel.

Beside Lake Victoria, Kenya’s third largest city, Kisumu, has much to offer visitors.

The western city holds historical attractions like Kisumu Museum and the Songhor Pre-Historic Site. Areas like Dunga Bay highlight Kisumu’s natural place alongside Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake.

Kisumu’s three largest conference centers are Milimani Resort, St. Anna Guest House and Jumuia Resort.



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