Dr. Juan Salinas & the P’nuff Backstory Part 1 [Video]

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Latin Biz Today’s Tina Trevino chats with “Shark Tank” winner Dr. Juan Salinas to get the scoop on what it took to launch his P’nuff business.

Editor’s note: this is part one of a three part series.

Want to launch your own Hispanic business? Are you aware of the preparation required? Learn how Dr. Juan Salinas created his Hispanic business.

While an undergrad at Rutgers University Dr. Salinas made a decided his career trajectory by declaring a food science as his major field of study. Not settling with a B.S. he attained a masters and doctorate in food science. Armed with a deep knowledge in food science he set out to land a position in a major package foods company. Juan’s practical education continued at companies like Kraft, Nestle among others where he was hand on in creating new food products.

As a body builder and triathlete he focused on “heathy” food and eventually decided to use his expertise to create high protein snacks  and launch his own business called P’nuff.

Part 1

In part one of this video series Juan shares back story on how he started his Hispanic business.

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