Fashion Stylist & Designer, Tracy Gold Shares her Newest Fall 2020 Collection
Imagine a collection of beautiful clothing giving you comfort, style  and joy in 2020 and well beyond. If you can’t imagine it, stylist, designer, YouTube influencer and QVC presenter Tracy Gold is about to show you with her new “Comfort & Style” collection launched this month on her website. Consisting of 4 unique looks, each piece can be customized to best suit your individual needs and desires. Check out Tracy’s items here with her video catalog and catch some of her smart tips and tricks on maximizing each piece separately or with other items in your wardrobe, techniques she uses to camouflage certain “problem” area, and ways to look longer and leaner.

A born entrepreneur, Tracy has enjoyed enormous success since launching her own fashion business in 2003. Literally starting by selling dresses out of the trunk of her car, Tracy now has a worldwide customer base.

Tracy saw her YouTube following skyrocket when she shifted her focus to women over 40, speaking to a largely overlooked audience. In just two years, her channel grew from 600 subscribers to more than 20,000. Her powerful hold on her audience is underscored by over 2 million views and a 7.3 percent engagement rate. Capitalizing on her success with the 40+ market, she is now collaborating with other fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to help them grow their brand awareness and customer base.

Much in demand as a fashion authority, Tracy has recently been hand picked by Katy Perry to represent her shoe brand on QVC. Tracy was born in Florida, but spent most of her life in Cape Town, South Africa. A U.S. citizen, she’s now based in Manhattan.

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