Got Self Control? Try The Marshmallow Test



Are some individuals born with more self control than others? Can you increase your self control? As a fitness professional, I often hear lack of self control as a cause for weight gain, lack of physical activity and overall poor health.   I can certainly understand the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the era of super size & the dollar menu.  I have my own struggles with self control when it comes to curbing my sweet tooth from time to time.

Recently I was intrigued and curious to learn more about the concept of self control when a client of mine recommended The Marshmallow Test, a book written by Walter Mischel.  Dr. Mischel is a psychologist who used marshmallows to test delayed gratification with preschoolers at Stanford University in the 1960’s.  His observations were  interesting, amusing and quite revealing.  I couldn’t wait to downloaded the book from Audible. I even suggested the book to my business partner who thought it would be great idea to feature a review of the book on her upcoming podcast.

The next few weeks I spent listening to The Marshmallow Test in the car on the road in  between training sessions with clients. The Marshmallow Test is a great book for anyone who in interested in learning how our brain works with relation to our emotions. I had a great time co hosting and sharing my thoughts with top notch wellness professional, Hannah Mc Minn.  Check out our full review of The Marshmallow Test on “The More Than Mom Show” podcast on iTunes.




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