Honoring Hispanic Heritage

A variety of events took place recognizing Hispanic history and contributions to U.S. life.

National Hispanic Media Week
In celebration of a five-centuries-old tradition of community service, the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) commemorated National Hispanic Media Week and the 467th anniversary of Hispanic publishing in North America on October 12 in Washington, DC. The occasion has been formally marked with resolutions in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives acknowledging the week of October 8 through 14 as National Hispanic Print Media Week.

The commemorative ceremony honored a publishing tradition serving Hispanic communities that predates the first English settlements at Jamestown, Virginia or Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. Recent research shows that print media continues to be held in the highest esteem by Hispanics in this country. Hispanic print media is seen as an educational tool in higher percentages by Hispanics than the population as a whole. In addition, Hispanic print media is more trusted than any other major media, more so than TV, radio or the Internet.

During National Hispanic Heritage Month and particularly during National Hispanic Media Week, the NAHP also pointed to the sense of connection Hispanic print media provides to Hispanic readers:

    • almost 75 percent of Hispanic readers credit Hispanic print media with providing a sense of community
    • over 70 percent of Hispanic readers credit Hispanic print media with providing a connection to Hispanic heritage
    • about 60 percent say that Hispanic print media provides something that cannot be found in non-Hispanic media.

The Hispanic media play an important and unique role in the daily lives of millions of Hispanic-Americans. Many citizens appreciate having publications geared towards their culture and in many cases in their native language to give them a greater understanding of our world,
said Clara Padilla Andrews, co-chair of the NAHP National Media Summit.

The Hispanic community needs to be better informed about political, economical, and social issues affecting our nation. The mission of the press is to inform and promote the well being of the community. I congratulate my colleagues in the publishing industry for taking upon this challenge,” said Johnny Yataco, NAHP Board member and publisher of the Washington Hispanic.

The Biography and History Channels Honor Hispanic Heritage
To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, The Biography Channel and The History Channel en Español teamed up with Biography.com and Historyenespañol.com to quadruple-cast the world premiere of “Hispanic Heroes” on Wednesday, October 11. An English-language version of the special was broadcast on-air and online for The Biography Channel and a Spanish-language version was broadcast on-air and online for The History Channel en Español.

Hosted by ABC News’ John Quiñones, the one-hour special honored actor and activist Edward James Olmos, educator Jaime Escalante, labor leader Dolores Huerta, and the late Puerto Rican baseball star Roberto Clemente.

Mr. Quiñones guided viewers through the one-hour original special featuring interviews with Mr. Olmos, Mr. Escalante, and Ms. Huerta as well as commentary from their contemporaries, friends and family including women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem, Mr. Clemente’s son Roberto Clemente Jr., and New York Yankees stars Jorge Posada and Bernie Williams.


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