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Buenos Aires’ signature styles are and how you can wear them

I came back from Buenos Aires, my native city, over a month ago, and I still feel inspired by the style and design of “mi Buenos Aires querido.” Even if you’ve never visited, you have likely heard that Buenos Aires is a major fashion destination, perhaps by reading the first part of my Buenos Aires series last month.

The love for fashion by porteños y porteñas (as people from Buenos Aires are called) is part of our “way of being.” And while being fashionably up-to-date in trends is of great importance, Buenos Aires also has style constants, signature styles that remain regardless of changing trends, which are equally important.

Alas, the permanent and the fleeting, just as life itself.

Buenos Aires Business Style BagsSignature one: Leather Bags, Boots and Jackets

Not surprisingly, leather goods are widely embraced in Buenos Aires. Combining the tradition of the gauchos with modern Italian aesthetics, leather bags, boots and jackets are staples of women’s wardrobes.

When you walk around in the city, you would be surprised by how many women are wearing booties or long boots, a stylish leather bag, and a short or long leather jacket.

Particularly in black, morning or evening, these have become the building blocks of women’s everyday outfits, the stylish default that takes the stress out of dressing and makes them always look well put together.

While you can find black leather boots, bags and jackets regardless of the season, many leather stores offer classic and modern bags and shoes in different colors depending on the palette in vogue, with the most creative brands featuring patterns, models and finish of high fashion bags and shoes.

Leather style tip

Booties and bag + pants + plain elegant top

Choose booties and a bag in a dark color, pair them with a pair of jeans or dressier pants and a high quality colored cotton t-shirt or off-white wool turtleneck

Buenos Aires Business Style MaraSignature two: Creative Accessories

The distinct creativity of Buenos Aires design is nowhere more evident than in accessories – necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. It is as if not wearing accessories – a prominent and colorful necklace, a uniquely designed ring, earrings in modern and unusual materials – would make you feel naked.

There are many stores devoted exclusively to accessories with the most creative designs, using materials ranging from plastics to non-precious stones to expensive metals. Accessories are also for sale at the famous Recoleta fair, where numerous stands offer accessories with unique designs in silver and alpaca, with or without precious stones.

Full disclosure: accessories are my soft spot (no wonder, I’m from Buenos Aires). Everyone can find an accessory that suits her style.

They add interest to your look, dressing an outfit up or giving it the polishing touch.

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