Making it Fun…5 Ways to Incorporate Peach Fuzz Into your Life

Incorporating Peach Latin Biz Today

Ready to Make Everything Latina Peachy This Year?

Meet Peach Fuzz…What’s Not to Love?

The Pantone Color Institute has declared its color #13-1023 Peach Fuzz (or Pelusa de Durazno) their 2024 Color of the Year. With its warm hue and soft velvety texture, it’s just the color we need to bring some tenderness and kindness to our hearts, minds, and bodies.

Pantone Peach

This appealing and soft peach hue conjures up images of natural beauty like seashells, fresh pearls, warm coral sands, farm fresh eggs, and roses in bloom. It creates a feeling of warmth, sanctuary, and calmness. It’s an inviting color that sends a message of community, sharing and togetherness. We can draw comfort from it as it creates a sense of peace that can improve our wellbeing.

Peach Latin Biz Today

Peach Latin Biz Today

It’s a tactile color that invites human touch with its flesh tones ranging from fresh faced natural skin, soft newborn skin and textured, wrinkled skin. It also evokes the sense of the old world, from romantic Italian seaside villas, sun-drenched terra-cotta roofs, and archeological finds to modern architectural buildings. It reflects things old and new, all with a contemporary fresh approach.

Peach on Amalfi Coast Latin Biz Today


New York City Peach Latin Biz Today

As we find ourselves in a challenging world of hustle and high productivity demands, we crave empathy, compassion, peace, and rejuvenation in our lives. We are learning that living a vital and full life requires an approach that prioritizes our own physical and mental health. We are reframing how we want to live so that our daily lives align better with our personal values. As a Latina I want to enjoy the quiet moments we give to ourselves and cherish spending more time with friends and family. Peach Fuzz is a joyful color that exudes a warmth and a welcomeness to nurture more.

Now that you know what the most popular color for 2024 will be, here are 5 great ways to incorporate it into your daily life.

5 Ways to Incorporate Peach Fuzz into your Life:

Peach Make up Latin Biz Today

1. Peach Fuzz is a beautiful warming color to use on the skin. When paired with earthy browns and bronzes on the face, it can add a luminous healthy glow to your Latina complexion.

Peach Fashion Latin Biz Today

2. With its tactile nature, you can easily incorporate fabrics to your wardrobe that take advantage of this quality. Faux fur, satin, tulle, sequins, and feathers are all great choices as accents or statement pieces.

Peach Bedroom Latin Biz Today

3. Cocoon yourself in this lovely color to create a sense of warmth and comfort. From fresh floral bouquets to sheets, towels, and pillows, you can create a spa like sanctuary in your home.

4. Many types of wood have a Peach Fuzz hue to them. From rustic unhewn wood beams to sleek Scandinavian style design, wood naturally creates a feeling of warmth. Add this color to your home office for some inspiration.

5. Spend time with friends and family by hosting a simple potluck get together and provide beverages with a Peach Fuzz theme. From peach smoothies to bellini bubbly cocktails and peach sangria, you can create the perfect opportunity to gather and catch up with everyone.

Dare to be peachy this year!

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