Meet Successful Latina Business Owner Maria Cristina Valencia

Latina Business Owner Maria Cristina Valencia Latin Biz Today

Maria became the CEO of her own real estate company called RES – Real Estate Solutions

“If you are willing to appreciate and respect the American culture, you will have all the necessary resources to become a successful entrepreneur. The United States of America is one of the most generous and supportive systems for entrepreneurs, but your beliefs might get in the way.”

Maria Cristina Valencia is a successful Latina entrepreneur who was born in Quito, Ecuador. When she arrived in the United States and soon became a single mother, she was determined to create a business that would allow her to provide for her child and create job opportunities for others.

In 2004, she started her journey as a realtor for a big real estate company in the country. Over time, she developed her skills and knowledge, and after ten years, she became the CEO of her own real estate company called RES – Real Estate Solutions. Her Hispanic business has been able to train and mentor over 500 real estate agents and has a achieved a significant revenue generation.

Maria Cristina values the power of self-discipline and continuous learning, and she believes that success comes when one puts in the effort and embraces the journey to self-mastery. Her efforts have been recognized, and since 2017, she has been acknowledged as one of the 100 most influential real estate agents in Miami. She is one of the Platinum brokers for Lennar Orlando, and she was the first realtor in Miami to receive the International Recognition IVIP from Lennar.

Maria Cristina believes that excellence in every transaction is key to achieving one’s goals and objectives. However, she emphasizes that discipline and constancy are essential to offering clients the best of you. She has observed that people who try to outsmart the system and do not put in the focus and stamina necessary to excel often fail. Sometimes, people try to cut corners and outsmart the system, but that approach doesn’t work because the laws of the universe are apparent – you receive what you give.

Maria Cristina is also a firm believer that success requires a solid business plan and professional support. She thinks that to grow a business, one must focus and pay attention to every detail. Cutting corners will not do the trick. As a Hispanic entrepreneur, Maria Cristina understands the importance of overcoming limiting beliefs. She has seen people struggle with self-imposed ideas that they are not enough, do not deserve success, or that success is too tricky and unattainable. She believes that one’s mindset is essential and that if we choose to believe that we can, we are right, and if we think we cannot, we are also right. Everything in life is a choice, and it is up to us what we think and how we want to see ourselves.

Maria Cristina overcomes obstacles by choosing to believe in the reality of life’s ups and downs. She thinks that if she tries to see life as a straight line, she will always struggle because the mindset determines the reality. It requires a lot of energy and inner will to overcome it, but if you put your mind to it, you can switch it and make it work. Resilience, adaptability, commitment, a clear life purpose, and the willpower to live in coherence with it are the skills that allow Maria Cristina to create and manifest her goals. She is loyal to herself and to God above everyone else, and if something is out of alignment with her calling, then it is not for her.

Maria Cristina’s life purpose is to share her life experience with other women and guide them towards overcoming their weaknesses. She believes that women and Latinas are called to help others from generation to generation, and she sees herself and other women as precious gems that must support each other to shine.

“True success is becoming the best version of yourself, fulfilling the mission and dreams that God planted within you at birth.” – Maria Cristina Valencia

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