Small Business Friends and Benefits

small business friends
Owning a small business means more than turning a profit—, it also means reaching out to your community


Small businesses should actively engage in their communities to help improve the quality of life of their customers and fellow residents. This is a great way to not only increase the profile of your company, but also gain satisfaction from a job well done.

How does the best comedy show in Los Angeles find its way to a benefit in Kinnelon, New Jersey? Through small business, community outreach and friendship.

On Friday, October 18, at the Smoke Rise Village Inn in Kinnelon, Kiki Melendez’ Hot Tamales Live will perform a stand-up comedy show in the suburbs of New Jersey. The show is sponsored by the Women of Smoke Rise to benefit the town’s Tri-Boro First Aid Squad and the Women of Smoke Rise Scholarship Fund. The Hot Tamales show, usually seen in Los Angeles, is open to everyone.

Kik Melendez small business

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As a small-business owner I know how important it is to get out in the world, be a part of what’s happening and give back to the community. I am the author of two children’s books that I sell on my own via our website and at book festivals. I also write screenplays, and that’s where this comedy adventure begins.

In 2009, my family and I relocated to Los Angeles to check out the writing scene.  It was there that I met and befriended comedian, actress and owner of Latin Hollywood Films, Kiki Melendez. She invited me to her Hot Tamales show at the Hollywood Improv. My husband and I loved the show and were able to enjoy a night out each time they took the stage. As our friendship continued to grow, Kiki and I began working together. My experience as a production coordinator and producer lent itself to helping her with film shoots, writing projects, and even stage managing one of her shows. Her business was growing and I was happy to be working with her.




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