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Yes It’s The Femmy Awards

With "inclusively" at the forefront of design, the 2019 Femmy Awards celebrates emerging design talent.    When deciding what to wear to an industry awards show that is all about lingerie, it’s a serious dilemma pondering if wearing…

Are You Ready? How To Attract Women

A definitive list if your company is ready to attract and hire more women for key positions No. This is not an article on how to attract women for dating purposes. Although, if you need help in that area, I am available for consultations.

Setting Policy on Sexual Harassment

Prepare a comprehensive policy now and prevent problems later. Federal and state laws have long required employers to take steps to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. One crucial step is to prepare and

Small Business and Family Discrimination

Key steps small business owners need to be aware in light of emerging laws on family responsibilities discrimination Small business owners need to know about existing family discrimination laws and implications on doing