The Pampered Alaskan Vacation

The Pampered Alaskan Vacation

Take time off work to enjoy a Crystal Cruises’ Alaskan sojourn


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Relaxing after a long day at work is one thing, but after a long year? You can’t simply plop down on the couch and get the brain-rejuvenating rest you need.

Indeed, a study conducted by the University of Tampere in Finland found that eight days of vacation is the perfect amount of time to reach the maximum amount of relaxation and happiness—and a few more days won’t hurt.

That may be why people like taking cruises. In fact, the average cruise length is seven days, pretty much within that eight day-plus sweet spot. It’s almost as if people intuit this, knowing how much vacation time they’ll need to return with a fresh mind and a reenergized sense of purpose.

Out and About

Fortunately, cruise locations are actually quite varied, reaching well beyond the typical Caribbean island hopping most people envision. Crystal Cruises, for example, offers 16 excursions in and near Alaska, including trips such as those that begin in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and end in Anchorage/Seward (or vice versa and round trip).

During your journey, you’ll witness any variety of natural wonders, including glaciers, fjords and, of course, a diversity of wildlife. And shore excursions will afford you even closer looks at these incredible vistas and animals. A stop in Hoonah, Alaska, for example, allows you to gaze upon humpback whales, climb mountains, and take part in a wilderness tour and brown bear search.

Chichagof Island, where Hoonah is situated, is home to the world’s largest brown bear population, as well as the indigenous Tlingit people. With a culture and history going back hundreds of years—and still on display today—they named Hoonah after the native-language translation of “where the north wind doesn’t blow.”

In Skagway, Alaska—once an Alaska gold boom city—you can learn about dog sledding on a musher’s camp excursion, go canoeing and kayaking on nearby crystal-clear lakes, go zip-lining through rugged yet beautiful mountains, and, if you’re so inclined, go rock climbing and rappelling. Amazingly, Hoonah and Skagway are only two of the many exciting stops available via Crystal, depending on which cruise you choose.

Mind, Body and Spirit

When you’re not off billy-goating up mountains, silently canoeing on placid lakes or mushing sled dogs, expect to be pampered aboard your ship. In fact, that’s a Crystal specialty, unlike some buffet-line Caribbean cruises. Most staterooms have private verandah, and they, like the butler-serviced suites and penthouses, become quiet refuges when you’re not out exploring the wonders of Alaska.

And the Michelin-level cuisine is, to put it simply, stellar. It’s designed and prepared by Crystal’s own award-winning chefs and includes Vintage Room wine dinners, incredible Italian fare and other creative dishes based on cultures from around the world.

And when you want a cocktail of a different sort, stop in at a lounge, club or bar to have Crystal’s vaunted bartenders whip up something truly creative for you. You can then head off to watch live entertainment, which can range from comedians, vocalists and pianists, as well as grand, big-stage productions.

Crystal also has facilities and programs to both enrich your mind and relax your body. The former includes workshops highlighting influential thought leaders, world-class experts, a broad range of special-interest lecturers, and author book readings.

The latter features a state-of-the-art fitness center, complimentary yoga, mat Pilates and more. If you simply want to pamper yourself—and maybe contemplate the universe while doing so—you’ll want to pay a visit to the feng shui-inspired Crystal Life Spa.

New Opportunities

There’s little doubt that vacations are a necessity in today’s always bustling, work-heavy world. So why not take those recommended eight or days or so to take a Crystal Alaska cruise and wonder at nature, learn about new cultures and embark on once-in-a-lifetime adventures?

And while you’re on-board, well, simply enjoy the six-star service available to you, enjoy creatively crafted cuisines, have a glass of wine or a cocktail or two, catch live entertainment, and enhance both your mind and body. Those memories and experiences will translate back to your workplace, when you return recharged and ready for to tackle new opportunities.

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