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What is the Mentoring Walk?

I can’t believe that fourteen years have passed since the first time that a small group of dreamers with total conviction that empowerment, equity, and peace in the world is achieved by investing in women, sharing problems & solutions, celebrating our successes, but especially, supporting each other in our failures. We started the movement in Argentina, and from there, magically, and not without effort, sweat and tears, we expanded it to the Southern Cone and South Florida.

Power expands as we share it, and looking back, I can say that joining Vital Voices Global and their mission inspired me to pursue spirituality, and to immerse myself in the potential of conscious leadership, embodying generosity, service and the common good for humanity as a daily practice.

In other words, to share the power, knowledge, and passion to live a life full of purpose, and from that place positively impact the world. From this conviction WE Evolution was born; a non-profit organization that combines empowerment, consciousness, and healing.

If there is one thing I can emphasize after thirty years of experience, it is that working with women’s networks has been the most transcendental, multiplying and rewarding thing I have done in my professional life.

This network of sisters, partners, and walkers is an open, generous, and expansive circle, which encourages more and more women to join, willing to transcend their own challenges and dreams and to inspire and empower new generations of women and men.

From WE Evolution we carry out our most inspiring annual event and program, and we want to extend the invitation to all women who resonate with this call: our seventh Vital Voices Miami Mentoring Walk will be on Saturday, March 5th to celebrate International Women’s Day. This walk has the particularity of having a hybrid format, so women not only from South Florida, but from anywhere in the world, can participate from the comfort of their home.

What is the Mentoring Walk?

The annual Mentoring Walk brings together established and emerging women leaders to walk | talk together in their community. The 60-minute talk consists of a dialogue between the mentor and the mentee, where both engage in the reflection of their professional and personal challenges and successes. As they walk | talk, they establish a mentoring relationship in which the mentor guides, advises and supports the mentee, building a new generation of leaders who could unlock some of the most pressing problems facing their communities.

The mentoring walk underlines the value of women’s leadership and exemplifies the transformative impact that every woman experiences when they join to promote positive change around the world, while offering participants a unique way to build their network.

When you join, you get an opportunity to build lifelong connections, with access to a network of over 15,000 empowered women. You build habits that improve your energy, spirit, creativity, and personal growth.

How can I be part of the movement?

Help us identify women who need to be part of a network that empowers them to accelerate their projects, and/or who want to be a part of the solution to transform a fairer and more humane world.

If you want to be a mentor, we encourage you to embrace this opportunity to “pay it forward” and donate your time and energy to invest in the next generation of women leaders.

And if you are a woman, student, entrepreneur or reinventing yourself, eager to grow and empower yourself, we encourage you to participate and learn from these established women leaders who will guide and advise you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

This is our gift to the community in observance of Women’s Month. You have a place in our expanding network of women. We look forward to seeing you.

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