The Power of “Girl Power”?

Josi Gago Girl Power

Do’s and Don’ts of Selfies



I grew-up in a house with girls. I was the youngest of 3 and recall my cousins all being girls with only the token boy showing up here and there.  Shoes, hairspray, and the use of the bathroom (hot commodity) were always prime and my dad was always the last to know what was happening in our home. He was a gentle man who didn’t seem to mind my mom “running the show” when it came to dressing us girls. I can recall him often times all dressed, waiting for us, sleeping

on his recliner. He would wait for my mom’s signal to get the car started and lock up the house before one of us thought of something else we needed just before heading out.  My dad always enjoyed showing us off to his co-workers and proudly carried a picture of us in his wallet.

Today, my own family consists of 3 boys and 1 girl, so you can easily understand my thrill and excitement when I finally gave birth to my 4th child, my daughter 13 years ago. The fantasies of ribbons, lace, braids, and make-up all became real possibilities when I found out I was having a girl, all I had to do was wait for my time to come and for my daughter to grow up. I was thrilled to have one girl and having her last meant I could spend quality time with her.

Well, to my pleasant surprise, I didn’t factor in the girls my life would have as a result of my sons!  The girlfriends, their own sisters and their friends multiplied in ways only an advanced math class student could appreciate. So much estrogen!  So many shoes, mascara, and selfies! Plus! Plus! Plus!  It’s wonderful and so much fun!

Here I thought I was going to enjoy just ONE girl!  Was I ever wrong!  The beauty in all of this has been the world of fashion, photo shoots and beauty tips I have learned along the way…Check out my “Mom List” of advice, mistakes I have made and the “OMG Never Do Again” faux pas.  I hope you find them helpful and save yourself some embarrassing moments.

Do’s & Don’ts of Selfies:

Keep your camera straight-

Don’t angle your camera/cell phone when taking a picture (that’s outdated). I went through a stage where all of my pictures were angled and though it was really artistic…wrong!  Keep your camera straight and your pictures realistic colors.

Ban those duck lips-

Moms’ don’t do “duck lips for the camera.  Leave this to the young ones.  Besides, it shows the wrinkles around your lips too much and you’ll look like a fool!  Smiles work best when posing for a picture.  Also, don’t look position your body like your “posing”.  It looks cheesy and makes you appear like your trying too hard to look “natural’.

No “Photo bombers”-

Don’t join in their pics unless you are invited.

Offer to take pictures of them (this is sure to guilt them into including you in at least some pictures). Give it time and before you know it, someone will invite you in for a picture or two.


Share it-

The best way to get their daughter to think your “cool” is to get your daughter’s friend to think your “cool” first.  If they like something you are wearing…share it!

Stay Classy-

Moms, remember, just because you feel 16-years old, doesn’t mean you look 16-years old!  Don’t think you can wear EVERYTHING your kids wear. Yes, you can still shop at Forever21 even at 51 (I do), but know that just because your body fits into something doesn’t mean it belongs in it. Stay classy!


“Put on a Face”

I have the advantage that my oldest sons’ girlfriend is a MAC Makeup Artist so…enough said. But for most moms out there, the young girls today are really current on what is in style and have access to great YouTube tutorials.  Let them “play” with your face.  Spend time, be open and learn from them. Trust them and remember they always carry makeup remover!

Move Over!

Get out of your own way when it comes to trying something different.  Whether it’s a new hairstyle or outfit…go for it!  My 13-year old recently helped pick out a new workout outfit, she braided my hair and I traded sunglasses with my son’s girlfriend and I tell you, it took about 20 years off of me! Trust me…Get out of your own way!

So when it comes to “Girl Power create your own team.  Whether you have your own at home, or girlfriends your own age, make it fun and memorable. The energy can be endless, the synergy contagious and I assure you, the memories will last you a lifetime!


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