The Road to Friendships Is Long But Narrow

Here is what I have found over the years to be true about relationships.


I was recently with some friends I’ve known for many years and we were discussing the differences between those very close friends we call family but are not blood-related and what makes them so special.

How does a person become a cousin, an uncle, or an aunt without having been born into the family?  What honorable act must be accomplished in order to wear this badge?  What series of events and/or tragedies must occur or be shared for this special calling?

It carries such a special feeling in most families and we always include them in most special occasions.

Well, one thing I know is that it doesn’t come easy and it should not be taken lightly.  Here is what I have found over the years to be true about relationships, love, forgiveness, and most importantly, friendships.

Low Maintenance Factor

Over the years I have had many friends come and go into my life, some have stayed longer than others, but they have all played important roles in my life.

The “ugly” cries and the joyous laughs until you cry have been many.  The one common thread in the long-term friends has been the “low maintenance factor”.  These friends are those who don’t require an immediate return phone call and who don’t get offended if you don’t include them in something.

Even better, if they do get their feathers ruffled, they tell you, it’s discussed, and you move on.  Low maintenance friendships are critical to long term ones.

Be Open to take the real “Stuff”

Being open and honest about what you don’t like is the bases of a real friendship.

Come on…what good is an honest relationship if all you get from the other person is what you want to hear, right?

After all, this is what the rest of the world gives you.  We all need some honest, real, truth about our own crap now and then…in a loving way, of course.  An honest friend will do this.  It’s the “stuff” no one else talks about…the elephant in the room.

Just ask that one real person and if you get what you don’t want to hear, you just might be on to something special.

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