Up Close and Personal

Hispanic businesses find the benefits of business travel can outweigh its cost.


Given advances in technology, meetings with clients, employees and colleagues have changed considerably over the last decade. Conference calls, emails and virtual meetings via Google, Skype and a host of others are now the standard. They’re cost efficient, save valuable travel time and can be set up at a moment’s notice. But do they always deliver the intended result?

While virtual meetings have replaced many smaller meetings, there is no substitute for the face-to-face meeting. Many Hispanic businesses now consider intangibles including energy, passion and trust building. Creating long-lasting experiences, building bonds, engaging in deeper collaboration can affect creativity and the overall impact of mindshare.

Live meetings have the potential to deliver memorable experiences for Hispanic businesses that virtual meetings cannot. The majority of Hispanic business corporate executives I have met with agree that the desire for face time with executives is a major driver. Companies that want to inspire  a sales team or build confidence with its market share will always continue to rely on events that deliver the bottom line. Depending on the audience and specific goals, tangible benefits include long- and short-term ROI, a more nimble company and the ability to identify new opportunities.

To effectively begin memorable a experience a host of options are available for Hispanic businesses to consider beyond the destination. Lately, I’ve had an increasing number of requests from small companies seeking direction and guidance to navigate the many options for a travel-related  company event. In response to this increased demand I kicked off this column to identify and weigh options to assist in making informed decisions regarding your travel needs. I am interested in learning about your needs, challenges and opportunities and invite your questions and comments. Email me at ncarroll@tcghotels.com.


We’ll begin with sharing some destinations to consider and why they’re worth considering. In the coming months I will also address key topics of interest pertaining to business meetings as well as many new and exciting destinations and venues.

The following is a sampling of domestic and international destinations for your business I’ll be covering soon: