Apple App Ideas for Small Business




Tap into the information that matters most.

By swiping into the Today view in Notification Center, you can now view a quick summary of your information in Evernote. Easily see all your recent notes and checklists, or quickly access common functions of the app with a single tap.




Automate workflows across apps like never before.

Workflow lets you automate functions across other apps so you can be even more productive on iPhone and iPad. You can easily launch workflows from inside the app or from other apps using Workflow’s Action extension.




Work with content effortlessly.

Extensions make it possible for apps like Pages to import documents directly from Box. Now you don’t need to leave the app you’re in to get the documents you need.




Increase efficiency with location intelligence.

iAuditor makes completing safety inspections fast and easy. With Location Services, iAuditor automatically logs location data for more efficient inspections.




Detect mileage automatically.

MileIQ uses Location Services and smart-drive technology to detect your route, automatically track mileage, and calculate reimbursement. Minimize the effort needed to get reimbursed for your business travel.



Communicate your destination visually.

Skitch lets you annotate images and maps quickly, making it even easier to direct people where to go. By leveraging Location Services, Skitch lets you map your current location, mark it up, and go.


iBeacon technology lets your iOS device sense proximity to a specific location, so you can do more with location awareness. The possibilities are limitless — from streamlining meeting room availability by automatically detecting when employees are present, to improving customer service by providing personalized messages to customers.


Meeting room efficiency.

Genentech built a custom app that lets employees check the availability of meeting rooms and book one instantly, right on iPhone. iBeacon technology detects when people are present in a meeting room, so that employees are never left wondering which rooms are in use and which are vacant.


Genentech SignalMe

                                                                                       Enterprise In-House App


Secure access without the hassle.

The Usher Security app uses iBeacon technology to manage employee access, without the need for physical badges or additional credentials.


 Usher Security


Take meetings on the go.

GoToMeeting makes it easy to join a meeting on iPhone or iPad when you’re on the go, then hand off to your Mac once you reach the office.



Take your great ideas further by sharing them with everyone around you. Easily share your work from an iOS device to Apple TV wirelessly by simply tapping into AirPlay, all without having to connect to your organization’s network.


Presentations amplified.

Keynote makes it easy to create beautiful presentations, and AirPlay makes it super simple to share them with a group. Stream Keynote presentations wirelessly from any iOS device to Apple TV with AirPlay.



Put your ideas on display.

Use Paper to sketch a new product design, outline a business plan, or create diagrams — no matter where you are. And with AirPlay, you can share your ideas on the big screen to enhance collaboration and engage in more meaningful conversation.




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