Dr. Juan Salinas Shares His “Shark Tank” Experience Part 2 [Video]

Hispanic business owner Dr Juan Salinas flexing

Hispanic entrepreneur Dr. Juan Salinas becomes a ” Shark Tank” winner and partners with Mark Cuban

Editors note: This is part two of a three part series. Please find part one  here.

In part 2 Latin Biz Today partner Tina Trevino gets the behind the scenes “Shark Tank” story from entrepreneur P-nuff Hispanic business owner Dr. Juan Salinas and how he landed Mark Cuban.

What did it actually take to make to be selected as a “Shark Tank” contestant?

According Dr. Juan Salinas two years, three to four background checks on his Hispanic business, his personal finances, a check on felonies, etc. Create an initial pitch video and be invited but with no guarantee! Then create another video pitch with worth the producer. Create a script, memorize it and get tripped up on my memorization. A producer who put me at ease by level setting.

It was during Covid so the set was not in LA, instead Las Vegas and the actual pitch tapping was a difference from the “Shark Tank” judges. Fortunately Mark Cuban became a partner/investor.

As a body builder and triathlete he focused on “heathy” food and eventually decided to use his expertise to create high protein snacks  and launch his own business called P-nuff.

Watch the video and see how Juan landed Mark Cuban as a partner and more…

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