Everyday People Make the World Go Round – Meet Art de la Nuez of Ultimate Software

“Everyday People, Make the World Go Round” Spotlight:

Art de la Nuez

Name: Arturo de la Nuez

Title: Business Development Manager
Company: Ultimate Software
Major City Where You Work: Miami/Fort Lauderdale
City Where You Live: Weston, Florida

Please, share your personal and cultural background with our readers. Where did you grow up?

I was born in Havana, Cuba, but came to Miami with my grandparents when I was 3 months old. I lived in Miami 55 years, before moving to Weston, Florida. My grandparents made sure that I never forgot my Cuban heritage, which included food as well. Raised by my grandparents taught me morals and principles which I believe are lacking today.

Please share with us a current typical day or week in your everyday personal life.

Because of COVID – this has changed drastically. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home have replaced most outside dining experiences. Exercise which once took place at the gym now takes place with an app in the house. On weekends we go boating if the weather permits. Living in South Florida permits the enjoyment of water activities like fishing, diving, or just relaxing on a year-round basis.

Tell us why you do, what you do, for a living.

I work with Ultimate Software in a selling capacity. It’s my responsibility to find companies in South Florida that are looking to improve their people’s experience by using our solutions. Sales in the one profession where it can be the easiest low paying job or the hardest high paying job. I choose the latter. The “why” in my life is my two sons, my fiancée, and her son. I work to provide a foundation and direction to three young men. It seems very easy nowadays to venture down the wrong path.

How did you end up in your line of work? Was it accidental or were you strategic about it?

I got into this line of work by accident. It was my final semester at FIU when I was walking through a job fair. A student that I knew from the previous year was helping out at the booth of a national payroll service company. She called me over and told me what a great company it was, and how she was provided on-the-job training in NYC. I applied, went through multiple interviews, and got the job. During that time, I met Scott Scherr, who later became the founder of Ultimate Software. He became a trusted mentor. At that same time, while at that company, I also met Kevin Robins.  We all worked at the same place. It was Kevin who encouraged me to open our own business. When Scott started Ultimate Software, it was an easy decision for Kevin and I to join him. In 1991, we launched the first exclusive Ultimate Software distributorship.

Tell us about the factors that shaped your career and business aspirations.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and it helped overcome fears of doing something new. When I initially joined Ultimate Software in 1991, I left behind a salary, benefits, and stock; all for a chance to build something new, and it’s paid off. It was in the initial stages of the company when it was just a start-up.

Please share with us a current typical day or week in your everyday professional life.

Scott Scherr, Vivian Maza, Art de la Nuez & Marc Scheer

A typical day consists of calling on prospects, demonstrating our solutions, and negotiating agreements. We are consistently tasked to come up with creative ideas for events. Events have to be entertaining (especially during COVID) but also provide relevant content for viewers and also provide a platform to highlight our solutions.  We are also trying to help people by providing supplies to companies that need them, like masks, sanitizers, etc.

Share how you balance the work-life challenges…

It’s tough in my business to balance work-life. You have a monthly, quarterly, or annual quota to meet. I can be on vacation and have someone calling or emailing me about negotiations. There’s always a fear that if you don’t call back in a timely manner, can’t attend a meeting, or even ask to reschedule you can lose the deal.

Chris Phenicie, Art de la Nuez, Udonis Haslem & Scott Scherr

What advice would give others in business trying to make it day after day?

I read in a book by Eric Thomas that “effort beats talent, anytime talent only thinks it only needs talent”. It’s helped me be successful when competing with others. I also have tried to engrave this message in 3 young men, but I don’t think they can relate to it yet.



Did your ethnicity create any obstacles for you? 

I grew up in a neighborhood where I was the only one whose last name had more than one syllable and no one could pronounce it. In addition, most of the neighborhood kids couldn’t comprehend why I lived with my grandparents if my parents were still alive. But that’s another story. Growing up speaking, reading, and writing two languages was definitely an advantage; not only professionally but socially as well.

What inspires you in your work life?  Winning and breakthroughs; meaning watching HR professionals transform from an administrative role to a strategic one with the assistance of our solutions.

What turns you off?  Not knowing why I lost.


Carlos de la Nuez, Art de la Nuez, Michelle Martinez Reyes, Madden Reyes & Chris de la Nuez

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Sometimes in life, I’ve hesitated in making a decision when I shouldn’t have. The hesitation proved costly. If you know in your heart it’s the right thing, just do it.

Do you think you have ever truly “made it” in life?

No, because of the definition of “made it” changes and grows all the time.

 If you could have dinner with any person—living or dead–who would it be? Why?

That would be Warren Buffet and learn about his ideas for investing.



Art de la Nuez, Carlos de la Nuez & Chris de la Nuez


What is your favorite quote/saying? Give us your own personal quote to commemorate at LBT.

Something I tell my sons “my love for you is unconditional, my money is not” or “past behavior is a great indicator of future behavior.”

Anything else you would like to share?

In life, you will meet many people, but only a very few will make a deep and lasting positive impact. I’ve been very fortunate to have been surrounded by some very special people. Some will take time to recognize, and others you’ll recognize right away. These are the people that will make a difference in your life

More at LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/artdelanuez/.


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