Hispanic Heritage Inspiration Celebrated
Hispanic Heritage Inspirations
Latin Business Today mentors share their Hispanic Heritage month insights by answering the question: who inspires you?

It’s Hispanic Heritage month. Look around you. Who inspires you? Which Latinos have had an impact on your life? For some people the answer is family members who made sacrifices, for others inspiration comes from role models who forged new career paths for Hispanics. For still others it was Hispanics who made a difference in the lives of others, like Dr. Les “Coach” Fernandez, the inspiration behind Latin Business Today.

To mark Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept. 15-Oct. 15, a number of our mentors wanted to contribute short essays explaining who inspired them. They felt they had a compelling story to tell about someone who made a dramatic impact on their lives.

Latin Business Today’s inspiration:
A profile in memory of Dr. Les “Coach” Fernandez – He inspired Latin Business Today, it’s mission Inform, Inspire, Mentor & Empower and many others before us.
Coach Hispanic Heritage

Dr Les “Coach” Fernandez









Andrea Cotter

Andrea, a Trends & Insights mentor, was inspired by teachers in her formative years. They opened her up to new languages, cultures and instilled confidence and support.
Read more: Teachers Set Students – Course in Life

Carlos Garcia

For Carlos, a Trends & Insights mentor, it was his sister. The influence of the author’s middle sister, Rose Marie Garcia Fontana, made the pursuit of academic excellence seem attainable and cool to her little brother.
Read more: My Sister Remains A Primary Role Model


Carlos Garcia Hispanic Heritage Carlos Garcia at his sister’s graduation

Jésus Grana

Jésus, a Marketing & Resources mentor, wrote about Roberto Goizueta who became one of the first, if not the first, Cuban-born CEO of a major global corporation.
Read more Hispanic Heritage: Early Inspirations Lead to Career Path


Roberto Goizueta Hispanic Hertiage Roberto Goizueta

Dr. Eduardo Montaña Jr.

Latin Business Today mentor contributed a for Hispanic Heritage Month and honors remembers his Colombian born father who made a difference in the rural U.S.  A Wise Man’s Life Story Lives On

Hispanic Heritage Dr. Eduardo Montaña Sr. , Dr. Eduardo Montaña Jr. and son

Mara Perez

Mara is a member of Latin Business Today’s Advisory Board and a mentor.  she captures Latino Heritage in its many forms. Her piece Latino Heritage: Gratitude Achievement Purpose identifies the many contributions made by Latinos in the U.S.

Latino Leaders Latino Heritage

Susie Quintana

Susie a Latin Business Today Work, Life & Culture mentor My shares the special meaning of how she was enriched by parents who’s distinct personalities enriched her life.

Read more: Hispanic Heritage Story: How parents with opposite traits inspired me

Hispanic heritage Susie’s parents Rudy and Lucille Quintana Susie’s parents Rudy and Lucille Quintana

Daniel Vargas

Dan, a Latin Business Today advisory board member, wrote his piece on Jacobo Salazar his father in law who taught his daughter and son-in-law the importance of always helping others. Never forget where you came from, think of where you are going and help everyone along the way
Read more: Hispanic Heritage: Remembering Jacobo Salazar “Jobo”

Hispanic Heritage Jennifer, Jacobo, Fabiana, Francisco and Jose

Tatiana Sanchez

Tatiana writer/journalist Hispanic Heritage Month gives the author a reason to pause and consider the sacrifices her El Salvadorian immigrant parents made to send their four children to private schools and college.

Read more: Celebrating Latino Heros Close To Home

Hispanic Heritage My parents Fabio and Alma, along with my siblings Saida and Fabio Jr., pictured in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Elaine Vasquez

Elaine Vasquez, a member of the Latin Business Today advisory board remembers her late husband Dr.Erwin Vasquez whose legacy was to help ours in need. Read more: Medicine was his dream. Helping the poor was his passion.

Hispanic Heritage Latin Business Today

Lily Z. Winsaft

Lily, a Work, Life & Culture mentor, was inspired by her parents’ devotion, and sacrifice taught her the importance of hard work and dedication. After emigrating from Colombia, Lily’s parents strived to retain their heritage and instill the importance of education.
Read more: Hispanic Heritage, My Parents, My Heroes

Hispanic Heritage Mami & Papi Salzburg

We will continue to add to this page as other mentors share their Hispanic Heritage month essays so check back frequently. Readers are also invited to share their own stories of inspiration. Send 200 words to ask@latinbusinesstoday.com and we will select entries to be posted.



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