Paul Rodriguez Talks, Jokes for US Vets Choice Comedy Awards

Paul Rodriguez

An exclusive interview with comedienne Paul Rodriquez.


A Latin Business Today exclusive interview romp with iconic comedy genius comedy Paul Rodriguez. We talked with Paul about hosting the US Veterans Choice Comedy Awards with award winning comedian cohost Kiki Melendez.

Latin Business Today:  Paul thanks for taking the time to speak with us. The US Veterans Choice Comedy Awards (VCCA) looks like it will be great fun. 

Paul RodriguezPaul Rodriguez: Yes it’s important that we do not forget the sacrifices of our veterans. I did my time in the Air Force for 6 years but I was so ambitious I wanted to own my own car so I went into comedy and now I own a used car!

But, seriously, my time in the Airforce was enjoyable I got to travel, I recommend it to any young man or woman who feels like doing their Patriotic duty while traveling the world!

I remember my first experience on stage was in the Airforce. I Auditioned for a show called “Tops in Blue” which travelled with the USO Entertaining the military at a number of bases around the world, I did 5 minutes, very funny, I made fun of the General (FISHER) The crowd loved me, everybody was laughing, except the General, a week later I got orders to go to ICELAND for a Year! My comedy career in the Air Force was over.

Latin Business Today: We understand participating celebrities include will include: Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Mathers, Edward James Olmos and Fran Drescher, among others. 

To date eight comedians plus you and Kiki Melendez will be performing.  This stellar list includes: Erik Knowles, Mike Marino, Will C., Bobby Henline, Katie Robinson, Sandy Brown, Anthony Torino and Tony Vinh. That’s quite a star studded line up! 

I’m guessing it must have been a challenge to get these commitments?

Paul Rodriguez: No it was easy they were eager to help! However, Bill Cosby has not returned my calls…

Latin Business Today: What can we expect? 

Paul Rodriguez: We’ve planned a red carpet event featuring all eight comedians and also a musical performance.

This is our inaugural annual fundraiser will be a night of laughter and dancing to benefit homeless and at-risk veterans and their families that can use a helping hand with food, clothing, hygiene items and guidance.

It will air on Charter Cable in key markets, On Sunday June 19th at 7PM, TBA on the Armed Forces Network, as well as on the World Wide Web.

I hope General FISHER is watching!!

Latin Business Today: How many comedians will receive awards and who will identify the award winners? 

Paul Rodriguez: Two comedy awards will be handed out to the best comedians. They will be chosen by our veterans through online voting. And Dick Van Dyke will receive the lifetime achievement award for his contributions to Veterans throughout his career. Donald Trump will also be one of the Judges he has the BUILDING Fences Award, with Ted Cruz and RUBIO the two Latinos helping him build the WALL, at least they will be working!

Next- Paul talks veterans and more comedy


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