Planting a Garden…For Another

'-Josi's Garden
When was the last time you moved?


I mean really moved your entire family, belongings, dogs, cats, history, plants, everything?  Well, I am doing just that and I have been doing so for the past 6 months, and I HATE it!

You see, I am in the process of divorcing after 23 years of marriage and 4 kids.  I never realized how much “stuff” one accumulates over time and I really thought I would be staying in this home for the rest of my years here on earth.  Once again, we plan and God laughs!

So although some parts have been a bit difficult, some have been great.  I have managed to clean out plenty of cabinets, closets, and found some things I completely forgot I owned.  I even found a five hundred dollar bill dating back from 1934, in mint condition I had been saving and had misplaced it for over 10 years!  Lucky me!

So when my soon-to-be-ex and I decided to sell our house, which I am currently living in with my four kids, I immediately began to emotionally disconnect from the home, the memories and the history.  I wanted to somehow pack everything and leave as quickly as possible.

Seeing the “FOR SALE” sign posted on the front lawn was especially painful and when spring recently came around I was saddened by the thought that planning in my garden as I had done so many times before was senseless since we may not even be here.

I thought, why bother?  Just like when one leaves a job or a position at work for a better offer, why would one prepare things for someone else to take over?

Well, we do because we care.  We do because it’s the right thing to do.  As the saying goes something like this, “The way we do one thing is the way we do everything.”  I don’t know how long I will be in my home, how may gardens I will plant, or how many summers and sunsets will fall, but for now it is home and my kids live here.  The dogs play in the yard and the lawn is mowed every two weeks.  The mail is delivered and my family lives here today.

So this morning I planted tomatoes, kale, and herbs with the faith that my family will enjoy it tomorrow, but knowing that another family may be equally blessed.  As I planted, I recalled how when I was young my parents traveled often and my mother always made sure our new surroundings felt safe and cozy.

She was great at creating nooks and crannies and always added her special touch to every new place my dad explored.  She often complained to him, but always followed him as the loyal wife that she was.  She always had flowers and planted a garden everywhere we went.. It really was a sign of faith for tomorrow.

So whether you are moving your family, changing careers, “passing the baton” at work or retiring from your post of many years, do it with grace and dignity.  Finish the job to the very end and treat it as though you were staying forever and were going to be harvesting the crop at the end of the season and bringing it to the table for your family, co-workers and clients.

Don’t cut corners and don’t do it half-ass.  Do it all the way and do it right.  Leave your mark with your own personal touch.  Plant your seeds and trust that your garden will grow long after your gone. Do it with grace.



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